Hump Day: Sarah Hawthorne's OUTLAW RIDE

OUTLAW RIDE by Sarah HawthorneReady to ride a bad boy? We've got a super steamy excerpt from Sarah Hawthorne's latest erotic romance, Outlaw Ride. Seriously though, crack a window before you start reading, because this super steamy excerpt totally fogged up our computer screens.

When Clint's grandmother's health takes a turn for the worse, he moves out of the Demon Horde clubhouse and finds a live-in nurse to help with care. He doesn't count on Jo the nurde breaking down all of this barriers.

She pointed at me as I started to crawl onto the bed. “No. You stay right there.”

Laughing, I sat on the edge of the bed and held my hands up in the air. “You’re the boss.” If that’s how she wanted to play things, I was more than happy to be part of it.

She hopped off the bed and walked over to me, and stood between my knees. Slowly, she unzipped her jeans and drew them down.

“Mmmmm,” I groaned, reaching for her hips. She wore a black thong and I wanted to feel it.

“Not yet.” She stepped back turned her back to me. She finished the little striptease so I could see the two perfect globes of her ass, outlined by her thong. Bending, she kicked off her jeans. I couldn’t take it anymore and stroked myself through the towel.

As if she knew what I was doing, she whipped around and grabbed my hand. “I’ll tell you when.” She winked.

Then she removed her thong.

Her pussy was everything I’d been waiting for, covered in light brown curls. I dipped my head and rubbed my cheek against her. 

She smelled sweet, so sweet I couldn’t resist. Her seam was already glistening, so I licked her. Parting her lips with my fingers, I dipped my tongue in and found her clit. She arched her back like a pagan goddess offering me her body. Running her fingers through my hair, she held me against her as I licked more. I felt her legs begin to quiver and she cried out. In one swift move, she pushed me back on the bed and sat on my stomach. She leaned in and I could feel her breath on my neck.

“No more of that now,” she warned. “Tonight I’m gonna suck your dick and you’re going to fuck me with your fingers.”

“I like it,” I said. I ran my fingers down the seam of her ass, enjoying when her breath hitched. “Most girls don’t stop a guy from licking their clit.”

She leaned over on all fours and nuzzled my neck. I took my opportunity and I explored her more with my fingers until I found her pussy. I circled her before sliding my index finger in from behind.

“Don’t—” she said, meeting my eyes.

I froze. Had I done something wrong?

“Don’t talk about other girls while you’re with me.” She held my gaze as I pressed my fingertip inside her. I slid in as deep as my first knuckle and stopped. She was panting.

“Noted.” I grinned. “Now, is this enough, or do you want more?” I wiggled my finger and felt her gasp.

“More,” she said, sliding back against me.

Her nipples dragged down my chest and I shuddered. “More?” I asked as I pressed my middle finger into her. She sat up and I could feel her pussy relaxing around my fingers. She began to rock. Her tits bounced as she moved against my hand, her eyes closed. I watched, almost like a voyeur, as she used my fingers. Damn she was hot, but I wanted more.

“I’m fucking you with my fingers. I believe you were gonna suck my dick. That was the deal, right?”

“Not yet.” Her eyes flew open as she laughed. “You need to work a little harder for it.”

With one hand, I rubbed my thumb over her clit, and with the other, I fucked her.

“Touch your nipples,” I said as she rode my hand.

“What?” she asked, frowning. She cupped her breasts. “Like this?”

“No.” I moved my hand away from her clit and covered her breast. God, it was good. Small and tight and hard in my hard. Then I pinched her nipple. She squealed and her eyes widened. I winked. “Like that.”

“I’ll do that.” She put my hand back on her pussy and grinned. “I want you here.”

God, my cock was already fucking aching and she was rubbing against me every time she pulled my fingers into her pussy. My dick and hand were so wet from her pussy, I could easily come right there. But we had a long way to go and I wasn’t going to finish early tonight.

As she thrust harder against my finger, she frowned. She threw her head back and thrust her tits out. She grasped hard at my fingers, then whimpered in frustration. She needed more to come, she needed my dick.

“Do you want my cock, babe?” I asked. I hoped she did, because I fucking needed to be inside of her. The way she was rubbing against me was about to end me for the night.

“Yeah,” she admitted, squeezing my fingers with her body. She let out a disappointed moan as I slid out of her. “But first I wanna taste you. That was the deal.”

“No.” I traced my wet fingers around her nipples so they were shiny from her own juices. “If you put your mouth on me, I’m gonna explode.”

Sliding against me, she got up. Without her hot pussy on me, my dick was wet and cold. Fuck. She was going to give me a blow job and that was gonna end me for the night. A little disappointed, I watched as she knelt on the floor between my legs.

“I’ll tell you what...” She raised an eyebrow. “How long I lick depends on how fast you can get a condom.”

Laughing, she licked me, balls to tip. I shivered. Closing my eyes, I let her suck me. Up and down, her warm mouth squeezed me to my breaking point. Why had I been disappointed by this before? Sliding my hand around the back of her neck, I helped her find my rhythm, slow and methodical. Wait—my brain struggled. Why wasn’t I inside her pussy?

“Oh, condom,” I reminded myself, reaching over to my nightstand. But her mouth felt so good, I didn’t want her to stop. I grabbed a handful of hair at the back of her neck and pressed in. She took me as my hips bucked off the bed.

“No,” I was able to get out. “I wanna come inside your pussy.” With one last pull, she let me go and I flopped back on the bed. Panting, I reached for her. I definitely wasn’t going to last much longer. “Put the condom on me, babe,” I commanded.

Sitting next to me on the bed, she rolled the condom over my dick. Her fingers were light as she rolled the rubber down, but I was so fucking sensitive I nearly lost it. Sweat began to bead on my forehead and I couldn’t catch my breath.

“Having a hard time?” Jo giggled. She stroked her fingers over my tip and I caught her hand.

“I’m gonna come, babe, and I’d rather do that inside you,” I said, using my fingers as a cuff around her wrist.

She slid her leg over me, holding her body just an inch above my dick.

“Is this what you want?” she asked as she started to slide down. She took me in—all of me—inside of her.

Goddamn. It was good—so good. Her pussy was hot and tight and I needed to be closer to her. Sitting up, I buried my face in her breasts. “Ride me.”

She began to move against me, up and down, lifting off my cock a little more each time. I kept one hand on each ass cheek to make sure I didn’t lose her. Her muscles bunched and contracted under my fingers as she worked my cock.

I turned my head so that I could watch her tits as she fucked me. I loved how they pointed, angled just slightly up. Catching one of her nipples with my lips, I groaned. I could taste her pussy from when I’d wiped my fingers on her tits. I started to suck.

“Oh god.” She gritted her teeth. “Harder.”

I wasn’t sure if she wanted my dick or my teeth harder, so I gave her both. I sucked and dragged my teeth across her nipples. Squeezing her ass, I rocked my hips so she could take me in deeper.

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