Wattpad Top Three: February 2018

We love finding new reads on Wattpad, the reading and writing platform that is filled with amazing, free stories for you to try. There are so many of thousands of stories, available any time via Wattpad's website or app, it can be hard to know where to start! Here are our February picks for your reading pleasure. 

Maybe Now by Colleen Hoover
New Adult
The Story: Oh hey, no big deal, but just like one of your favorite authors is releasing a new story on Wattpad, chapter by chapter, don't freak out or anything. OKAY MAYBE WE ARE TOTALLY FREAKING OUT! More reasons for rejoicing: Colleen has said she's writing it live, so we'll get to read the chapters as they're created! She also says you have to read Maybe Someday before this one, and, we mean, if you haven't already — get to it! 

The Nativity of Natsu by Lena M.
YA Paranormal
The Story: Handsome Natsu is cast into a tailspin after his mother's death. She'd been mentally ill for so long, and his life had been all about caring for her. Now he's moved across the world by a family friend, and a revelation about his identity has Natsu reeling … 

Girls Chase Girls by Idris Grey
Genre: Young Adult Novella
The Story: The Webber Wild Girls basically run the the Elise Webber High School for Engineering Professionals. Xia's mom has always told her to avoid such girls — but one day, the wildest girl of them all, Phaedra, saves Xia. Xia falls hard. All she wants to is for Phaedra to be her valentine …


Do you have any Wattpad favorites? Let us know! And check out our other favorite picks here.