Hump Day: Sara Brookes's SWITCH IT UP

SWITCH IT UP by Sara BrookesLooking to break out of that midweek rut? It's time to Switch it Up! Sara Brookes's next Noble House Kink novel hits shelves next week and we have a very sexy excerpt for you to read right now. But first, a bit of background:

When Madeline hacks into Noble House's website (and views some very sensitive material), she marches right into the club and demands to see the owner. Maddy's appearance and subsequent trysts with the club's web technician Ezra reignites Kochran's passion for dominance.

A high-level pass of the video stats indicated there had been two views. The numbers weren’t concrete evidence Maddy and Kochran had watched from their admin accounts, though. Maddy, yes. Ezra wholeheartedly believed she’d seen it. But given Kochran’s propensity for not resetting the generic system-assigned password, and leaving his computer unlocked and vulnerable while he was away, it could have been anyone.

However, the fact Ezra hadn’t been ordered to report to Kochran’s office gave him hope. If Kochran had watched, he would have to admit he had in order to scold Ezra. And that kind of information…

Ezra would have to find out more later, because it was obvious Maddy had done more. The guilty look on her face had confirmed her play time when he’d come back into the room. He could also smell the faint scent of her arousal while he’d pretended to work.

Had she imagined herself in the room with him? Watching? On her knees? Bound at his mercy? Ezra could give her each of those things. Could fulfill whatever fantasies she had. Give her the sweet edge of submission Kochran wasn’t interested in because the man played so hard and fast. 

Both men could give her the whole experience she perhaps craved.

Ezra was so far gone over this woman. Had been since the instant he’d seen her yelling at Kochran. He’d been determined to stay away until he’d seen them talking at Vanilla. The challenge had awakened something inside Ezra. An unshakable desire not to prove who was the more alpha Dom, but to see which of them could give Maddy what she craved.

Make her scream the loudest.

When he looked up he caught her staring. She blinked a few times but didn’t look away. He’d gotten off imagining her working in his office without a stitch of clothing on. Fantasized about sinking between her thighs. Feasting on her while she fumbled through lines of code. But she wasn’t the only one—he also thought about fucking Kochran. Holding the owner of the club in his arms, angling his body in such a way that allowed for deeper, harder thrusts. Power flooded Ezra, made him utter a guttural curse as he worked all three of them closer to the edge.

He hadn’t thought about sex with two other people in a long time. Hadn’t wanted command in equally as long. He couldn’t resist anymore. By keying in that code, making sure they’d watched him pleasuring himself, he’d set a plan in motion that he couldn’t walk away from.

Damn if he wanted to.

He shook off the trailing threads of his fantasy and focused on the reality sitting in front of him.

“I don’t want things to get weird between us, Ezra, but I thought you should know I like you.” She licked her lips, sighing. “I just—I’m not sure what else to say. You’re married. Makes things complicated.”

“Doesn’t have to be complex.” When she remained silent, he gave her a warm smile. “I’m a widower, Maddy. My wife passed a few years ago.”

Her eyes lost focus for a second, then cleared. “I’m so sorry to hear that. You must have loved her very much.”

“She was my life. My everything.” This wasn’t the time to purge a few more emotions, so he cleared his throat. “Does the fact we work together bother you?” She nodded, so he continued, “I’m glad we do. Since that first day, I haven’t been able to stop thinking what it would be like to touch you. I leave the office every night with a hard-on because watching you work on my code makes me hot.”

He watched her swallow hard as his blunt words sank in. She rose, walking toward him with those shapely legs taunting him with each stride. She paused at the corner of his desk, ran her tongue against the seam of her lips.

Fuck, that’s an invitation if I ever saw one…

He raised his left hand slowly, toying with the loose ties of her sweatpants, wanting to see if she flinched. She didn’t. She simply gazed at him with those round eyes. He tugged harder, his mouth watering at the sliver of skin he’d exposed. He pulled harder until her waistband wrapped her thighs. She sucked in a breath, her skin pebbling with goose bumps as the soft fabric trailed lower until it puddled around her ankles. Gaze still trained on hers, he traced his thumb over the seam where her thigh met her pelvis where her pulse beat. Her flush deepened, her breathing growing rapid. 

“Do you like me touching you?”

Her lips parted, her tongue darting out to sweep over her bottom lip. He wanted to kiss the glistening trail she’d left.


Her answer was so soft he thought he’d imagined it. “Noble House isn’t the place to be quiet.”

Maddy couldn’t believe this was really happening to her. She was seconds away from dropping to her knees for Ezra.

“Say it like you own it.” His voice was level but hard, spearing through her like a jagged knife that cut straight to her soul. “Tell me without reservation, without hesitation, you enjoy me touching you, or we’re going to both walk away.”

She knew he would do exactly what he promised. Though she wasn’t as well educated with power exchange play as most of the people at the club, the basic rules were simple enough. There could be no room for doubts. A few whispered words would shatter the need spiraling in the air between them.

“Yes. I like your hands on me. Watching you like this makes me all wet.”

His Adam’s apple bobbed as he gently stroked her sensitive skin with his knuckles.

“I need more. Need you to touch me more, hear that hard edge of your voice as you tell me what you want me to do.”

She didn’t care if the fuel for her hunger was his video, or the lingering sense of another man kissing her, learning he shared her crazy interest in stationery then spending the day with him at the coffee house. 


Regardless if her time with either man was mundane or sexual, they blurred together to turn her into a hot ball of need.

“Good girl,” he drawled out as he walked his fingertips around the swell of her hips, waiting to see if she flinched. But she didn’t. She wouldn’t. She needed him there.

A sly smile curled the edges of his mouth as he found she wasn’t wearing panties. “Or maybe bad girl.”

“I was in a rush this morning.”

“No complaints from me.” He angled his hands as he reached the opening of her thighs and wiggled one finger between her slippery folds. Her low moan filled the air as he made contact with the hard nub of her clit and moved his finger in a circle, slow and deliberate.

From this angle, she saw his cock had swelled against his jeans.

“Do you like me rubbing your clit as you grow damper while you look down at me?” Her moan changed to a quiet hiss as he delved deeper and found her opening. He toyed with it for a moment, with the same exacting gentleness he’d used on her clit. She scooted closer, but he adjusted to prevent his finger from dipping inside.

“Mmm. You really are a bad girl. Don’t try to force me to go somewhere I’m not ready for just because you are.” He stood suddenly, the adjustment pulling the denim tight against his crotch. She’d thought he’d been enticing sitting in the chair, legs slightly open to display the bulge, but standing… “I decide when I want to pump my finger in and out of this pretty pussy.”

Desire stroking her courage, she slipped her hand over the seam of his crotch. “Sure there isn’t something else you’d like to put there instead?”

He didn’t brush her away, but waited until she’d wiggled her way past the waistband and wrapped her fingers around his shaft. Before she could move, he slid closer so their hands were pinned and unable to move. Her free hand settled on his bicep and rested there. Not in an effort to push him away, but to seek balance as charged air snapped around them. They cradled each other, connected in the most intimate of ways without actually being inside one another.

His eyes took on a darker cast. “Say red if you want me to back away. It’s the club’s standard safe word.” That gaze went harder when she gave him a confused look. “At any time, you say red and I walk. No questions asked.”

Something clicked. A safe word. Red. Stop.

She released a quick breath, ruffling the hair she’d rescued from a messy bun. Encouraged, she squeezed his erection. This time he gave off a noise mixed between a groan and a muttered curse.

“Promise me, Maddy.”

“Yes. I promise.” With her gaze still on his, she settled her butt on the edge of his desk. She shifted her weight, angling so she could spread her legs. She dropped back farther, removing her grip on his cock and placing her hands flat on his desk. The new angle showed his tanned hand against the sweet pink flesh between her legs. “Ezra?”

“Yes, Maddy?” His seductive tone made her muscles clench.

“Can you promise you’ll do things to me that I’ll need a safe word for?” 

He groaned, leaning toward her to lick her lips. The contact shouldn’t have made her hotter except for the fact it took him an eon to trace his tongue from one side of her mouth to the other. By the time he was done, she was the one making unintelligible noises. God, sex with him would be soooo good. It would have to be. Any man who took that much time kissing a woman like that had to be good in the sack.

“Maddy.” Her name whispered through his lips as he continued to tease her so tenderly.

No one had ever taken such care to kiss her in—well, forever. Kochran had, she reminded herself. But Kochran had taken her over, plowing through her defenses. Ezra filled the space between them with pretty words fueled by a lazy heat. Thoughts she had of a quick, hard bang against the wall wisped away as he nuzzled her cheek. Normally she wouldn’t go for the slow, sensual tease, especially after watching so much aggressive sex lately, but for Ezra, it worked. And boy, did it work in spades.

“Follow me.”

She blinked, stunned to realize she’d zoned out. He’d pulled her pants back around her hips and stood over her, extending a hand. A compelling strength fortified his request so that she simply had no choice but to listen. Her downtime at the club had allowed her to become familiar with the regular Dominants of Noble House, both on the feeds and in Court. He wasn’t at all like those Doms. Or like Kochran. He possessed the same kind of powerful authority, but there was something extra special about Ezra Snow.

Ezra’s gaze held a different kind of proprietary quality from Kochran’s. A barely caged restraint that drew her in. Ezra exuded a quiet confidence that was the opposite of Kochran’s aggressiveness, though she could sense Ezra had the ability to take charge of matters with little more than the well-angled look and a submissive would be putty in his hands. The overabundance of genuine charm helped matters.

He held her gaze as he guided her down the hall to a room she hadn’t been to before. He smiled as he gently nudged her forward and shut the door. She barely had enough time to register the fact he’d brought her to the room housing the computer servers for the club before he’d turned her and pinned her against the wall.

“So…extra special, huh?”

“Shit.” Her face heated. “Didn’t realize I’d said that out loud.”

“Well, now that you have, I know I have a lot to live up to. I mean, extra special and all.”

The tension wrapping her hips grew stronger as he gently snapped the elastic waistband. The light slap of pain told her there was more, way more, beneath the surface of the mask Ezra chose to show the world.

Maybe he wasn’t as different from Kochran as she’d thought. Both men possessed that innate ability to make her feel possessed and wanted at the same time. A brand that would mark her for all eternity whether she wanted it to or not. She’d never experienced that sensation from any lover before, and now that she’d had a taste, it wasn’t something she wanted to go without again.

But wanting two men had to be wrong, right?

Switch it Up will be available in print on February 27 and is available as an ebook right now! Digital copies start at $3.99, grab yours here: Amazon | B&N | Google Play | iBooks | Kobo. If you's like to read an excerpt form Sara's first Noble House Kink book, Get Off Easy, we've got you covered.we've got you covered.

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