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Today on RT we are celebrating historical romance and the strong heroines they feature! Let’s welcome Kelly Bowen, Grace Burrowes and Anna Harrington as they share what makes their current heroines awesome — and also what memorable leading ladies they’ve discovered lately in their romance reading. And did we mention we're giving away FIVE bundles of their most recent releases? Read on below to learn more!

A DUKE IN THE NIGHT by Kelly Bowen

Kelly Bowen, 2017 RITA award-winning author of A Duke in the Night on on her latest heroine: Miss Clara Hayward has it all: looks, grace, poise, an impeccable reputation and a family title with a staggering fortune behind it. There should, in theory, be princes and dukes and earls falling all over themselves, begging for her attention. Yet her dance card remains empty because she also possesses a single flaw that illustrious lords cannot tolerate in a wife:  an intelligence far greater than their own.

Which suits Clara just fine because she’s not here to dance. As the headmistress of the Haverhall School for Young Ladies, she covertly recruits young women who, like her, harbor ambitions far beyond what society deems acceptable based on their gender. Ambitions that delve into medicine, law, and architecture, to name a few.

She challenges these young women to chase their dreams when everyone else says it’s impossible. She dares them to believe in themselves and their talents when no one else will. She teaches them to trust that limits are only what they  set for themselves.  

Set in early nineteenth-century England, Clara Hayward would be regarded as an upstart, a bluestocking who defied the order of things in a most intolerable manner. I’d call her a trailblazer.

On a romance heroine Kelly has recently admired: Eve Gardiner, a heroine from The Alice Network by Kate Quinn. This heroine is a fictional character based on the real-life story of Louise de Bettignies, former governess turned queen of spies. Louise de Bettignies ran one of the most successful allied spy networks in France during WW1. 

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A ROGUE OF HER OWN by Grace Burrowes

Grace Burrowes, author of the New York Times bestselling Windham Brides series and the upcoming A Rogue of Her Own on her latest heroine: Charlotte Windham is what I call a pineapple heroine. She’s prickly and un-beautiful on the outside, an oddity at first glance who cares little for society’s games. Get to know her, though, and she’s a sweet, luscious, rarity among women. She’s so set on maintaining her independence, she’s willing to risk a little scandal, but for all her planning, she didn’t count on Lucas Sherbourne, a wealthy upstart who has the tenacity and perceptiveness to know another pineapple when he sees one, proposing. Suddenly Charlotte is facing that old tug-of-war between the demands of the heart and the requirements of honor. 

Two headstrong, wary people had to learn how to trust and how to lean on each other, then how to be a team without surrendering any independence. They pulled it off, and nobody is happier for them than I am. Can you tell this was a fun book to write (even though I needed a few tissues too)?

On a romance heroine Grace has loved lately: I also needed a few tissues when I read Sonali Dev’s A Distant Heart. Kimi and Rahul are a couple I’ll never forget, for their woundedness and especially for their courage. Love conquers all in this book, and wins the reader’s heart too.

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AS THE DEVIL DARES by Anna Harrington

Anna Harrington, author of the Capturing the Carlisles series on her upcoming As the Devil Dares heroine: Mariah Winslow is my favorite heroine that I've written so far. I think that’s because she's the most like me. She’s outspoken, confident, and acerbically sharp-witted. Certainly not a wallflower or a demure daisy. Charging ahead and forcing others to keep up with her, she’s determined to succeed in a man’s world by gaining a real position in her father’s shipping company. Yet she’s also deeply protective of her sister and best friend. But there’s a vulnerable side to her, too – which Robert Carlisle brings out in her, especially with their shared grief over their parents’ deaths. Falling in love with Robert was definitely *not* part of her life’s plan. Confusing, irritating, frustrating—she wants to throttle him! But he also makes her want to spend the rest of her life with him, and she has no idea at all how to react to THAT.

On a romance heroine Anna's loved lately: Kate Sheffield from Julia Quinn's The Viscount Who Loved Me. She's also spirited, determined, and fiercely protective of her family – just like Mariah is.

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