Cover Breakdown: J. Kenner's LOST WITH ME

We at RT are longtime fans of J. Kenner's Stark Family saga, so naturally the next installment, Lost With Me, is at the tip-top of our one-click list! Since we have to wait until May to pepper Julie with questions at the 2018 RT Booklovers Convention in Reno, then wait some more for the book to actually release October, we decided to take matters into our own hands and examine the book's cover for clues about the plot! Of course, the blurb is an important bit of evidence as well:

His touch takes my breath away. Our passion feeds my soul...

My love for Damien fills me, and the intensity of our bond brings me to my knees. For him, there is no burden I wouldn’t bear, no decadent punishment to which I won’t submit.

The dark days seemingly behind us, we have carved a life out of adversity, chiseling away pain to reveal strength and beauty. Now, all I want is to laugh with our children in the sunlight, then surrender myself to Damien’s embrace in the dark.

But lingering secrets and hidden menace threaten our family. Now, Damien and I must forge a new strength from our shared passion and hope the fire between will burn away the darkness and protect everything we hold most dear.

Cover Breakdown: J. Kenner's LOST WITH ME

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Lost With Me will be available in digital on October 23. In the meantime, you can meet J. Kenner at the 2018 RT Booklovers Convention in Reno, May 15th - 20th! She'll be attending with a couple of her oh so sexy Men of the Month (Mr. April and Mr. December to be exact). We hope to see you there!