Hump Day: Cheris Hodges's STRATEGIC SEDUCTION

STRATEGIC SEDUCTION by Cheris HodgesJoin us in the board room for a Hump Day excerpt featuring a budding romance between partners on a very important project. Cheris Hodges's RT Top Pick! Strategic Seduction follows Alicia and Richmond, who are determined not to mix business and pleasure. But the more time they spend together, the more impossible it is to ignore their attraction ...

Alicia was hungry as well, but her hunger was deeper than food. She wanted the man beside her. Turning away from him, Alicia decided that she’d keep her hormones under control and enjoy some classic French food. Then Richmond placed his hand on the small of her back and it felt as if nuclear bombs of desire exploded inside her body. She decided that it was time to listen to the voice telling her to go for it. He was sweet, tender, and sexy. Every kiss broke down a piece of the wall she’d built to protect her heart.  It was time to take a chance.

“Richmond,” she whispered. 


“Can we take this food to go? I really want to be alone with you.”

Richmond’s smile spread from ear to ear. “Baby girl, you haven’t said anything but a word. As a matter of fact, food is overrated.”

“Oh, no,” she said, pointing her finger at his chest. “We’re going to need to eat something, first.” He leaned into Alicia and brought his lips to her ear. “I plan to eat all night long or until you’re satisfied.”

“Less talk, more action,” she said.

Alicia and Richmond ate their entrées in the car as they rode back to the hotel. His steak tartare and fries were an interesting starter for what he now had a serious craving for. “Sure you don’t want a taste?” he asked as he dipped a fry in the steak tartare.

“Yeah, no,” she said as she turned her head to the side. “I’m sticking with the coq au vin.” By the time they made it back to the hotel, their food was gone and Richmond could hardly wait to take his woman upstairs. Glancing at her, he realized that Alicia was his. His present, his future, his everything. She’d changed his life in ways that he hadn’t expected and he couldn’t wait to see what the future would hold for them. Richmond hadn’t expected to fall for Alicia, or any woman, after his porce. But Alicia’s warmth and brilliance opened his eyes to a chance at real love. The kind of love he’d watched his brothers enjoy with their wives. He knew Alicia would challenge him, she would encourage him and make him a better man.

The car stopped and Richmond didn’t wait for the driver to open the door. With one hand, he helped Alicia out of the back seat and with the other, he gave the driver a hefty tip.

“Let’s go,” he said, then scooped Alicia into his arms. She wrapped her arms around his neck and brushed her nose against him. “Umm. Alicia, we’re not going to make it to the suite if you keep doing that.”

“You mean this?” she asked, then ran her tongue up and down the side of his neck. “Or this?” She kissed his neck, slow and deep. Richmond’s knees almost buckled.

“Woman,” he moaned. “You and your mouth are asking for trouble.”

“Bring it on,” she replied as he pressed the up button on the elevator. Once they stepped on the elevator, Richmond pressed Alicia against the wall and kissed her with a hot passion. She moaned as their tongues danced. She was so happy that she’d worn a skirt to dinner. Richmond’s hot hands on her thighs made her cream with desire. Then he slipped his finger inside her lace panties. “Umm,” she moaned.

“This is what I call payback,” he said as he stroked her throbbing bud. “And this is only a preview of what’s to come.”

“I-I think I’m about to . . .” Alicia cried out as she felt the waves of an orgasm wash over her.

“That was too easy. Now I know there hasn’t been someone cherishing everything about you. That changes now,” he said as the doors to the elevator opened. Though he wanted to rush inside the suite, Richmond knew tonight was going to be about going slow and making pleasure last.

Opening the door to the suite, Richmond took Alicia straight to the bedroom and laid her across the bed. Her ebony skin against the white sheets made him think of chocolate. His mouth watered as he slowly peeled her clothes off. Alicia’s skin felt like satin underneath his fingertips.

Her naked body was the purest beauty he’d ever seen. She belonged in an art gallery; then again, this was a sight for his eyes only. Richmond ran his index finger between her thighs, seeking her hot wetness. Alicia moaned when he found it. Throwing her head back, she pressed her body into his finger. “Richmond,” she cried as he pressed deeper and deeper.

“It’s time for my dessert,” he said, then dove between her thighs. Richmond lapped her sweetness as she squirmed under his tongue lashing. Suck. Lick. Kiss.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she cried as he deepened his kiss.

Alicia’s thighs quivered as she met her release.

Richmond met her gaze as he took her to the brink of pleasure. The look in her eyes urged him on to give her more pleasure and make her feel sensations that she’d been denied way too long.

“Need. You. Inside!” Alicia cried. “Please. Don’t stop.”

One more lick, one more suck, and then he pulled back from her. Richmond stripped out of his clothes and joined Alicia in the bed. Pulling her against his chest, he captured her mouth in a hot kiss. Skin to skin with Alicia felt better than anything he’d ever dreamed of. Better than every fantasy he had of the lovely Alicia. Then she wrapped her thighs around his waist as their tongues danced and Richmond nearly lost it. She was hot and ready. He nearly pressed into her unprotected, but had the sense to reach for his discarded slacks and grab a condom.

“Protection,” he said when he broke the kiss. Alicia nodded and watched as he slipped the sheath in place. He pulled her into his arms again, her thighs parted as he slid his hands up and down her sides. Richmond dove inside her, pumping and thrusting deep and fast. Alicia matched him stroke for stroke. Her hips filled his hands as they slowed things down. Richmond wanted to savor everything about this moment. The way she felt, the way she tasted and the sounds she made when she was satisfied.

“Look at me, babe,” he whispered. “Look at me.”

She locked eyes with his, her face comely with bliss as he thrust deeper. “Yes!” Alicia cried out. “Yes.”

“You like that? Damn, you feel good.”

She threw her head back and cried out in delight as she reached her climax. Richmond tried to hold off his own orgasm until he was sure that Alicia was satisfied. But when she tightened her sugar walls against him, he was powerless to hold back. Collapsing against each other, they drifted off to sleep.

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