Hump Day: Lisa Childs's LEGAL ATTRACTION

LEGAL ATTRACTION by Lisa ChildsWho can resist a good enemies-to-lovers story? Not us! Lisa Childs's Legal Attraction promises plenty of delicious tension on every page. The unlikely lovers meet during divorce proceedings, during which attorney Ronan Hall does everything in his power to discredit his client's ex-wife-to-be, Muriel. Who could predict that the two would fall for one another once the case closed?

We'll have to wait until May to see how Muriel and Ronan work through their differences, but we can all enjoy a sexy excerpt right now:

He was not a good distraction for her. But as Muriel peered over Lawrence’s shoulder at the computer monitor at the thumbnails of all the photos the photographer had taken, she couldn’t deny that Ronan had certainly inspired her. This was by far the best shoot she’d ever had and she had been modeling since she was fourteen years old—more than a decade.

“If you’re not going to take that man out for a drink, I will,” Lawrence said. “He got you to the money shots, baby!” He turned around and kissed her lips. “You have never looked more gorgeous!”

Muriel chuckled at the photographer’s enthusiasm. “I’m sure he’s already gone.”

She couldn’t imagine why he had showed up to begin with…unless he was after the same thing she was.

The truth…

He probably wanted to know how she’d gotten her hands on the memos she’d turned over to the bar association. At least he must have finally accepted that Bette hadn’t given them to her. That was good. She never would have used them had she known the problems it would cause for her friend.

“I’m still here,” a deep voice murmured.

That was not good.

She glanced up to find his long, muscular body leaning against the doorjamb of Lawrence’s office. He was wearing a suit; he must have come either straight from the office or from court. Who else’s life was he ruining?

She was afraid it might be hers again if she dared to try her plan to seduce him into a confession. Could she take the chance?

“I can leave,” he offered, “if I’m interrupting…”

“You interrupted the shoot,” she said. “And you didn’t offer to leave then.” Hours ago. He had stayed through changes in wardrobe, hair, makeup and backdrops.

Why had he stayed so long?

“He improved the shoot,” Lawrence said. “Your best work ever…” He turned back to the computer monitor with all the frames and murmured, “Maybe mine, too.”

A little thrill chased through Muriel, but she worried it had less to do with the praise than with how Ronan was looking at her, with how he’d been looking at her the past couple of hours. With every wardrobe change, his eyes had gotten darker and his body even more tense. Despite the way he was leaning now, she could feel that tension; it fairly radiated from him.

So that she felt it, too—coiling low in her body, pulsing in her clit. She couldn’t remember ever wanting a man more, which was crazy. She had been in love before and hadn’t felt this powerful attraction. But this man—this man she hated—she wanted more than any other.

Maybe she had lost her damn mind. That was the excuse she was going to use for what she was about to do. “So, how about it?” she asked as she walked toward the doorway. “Do you want to go for a drink?”

His dark eyes narrowed as if he was as suspicious of her offer as she was of his showing up at the photo shoot. Now a little chill moved through Muriel, raising goose bumps on her skin despite her having changed into street clothes of jeans and a sweater. She hadn’t felt a chill like this when he’d been staring at her, when she’d been wearing nothing more than a bra and panties. Then she had felt hotter than hell. And it showed in those photos.

But wondering how he’d tracked her down unnerved her. How had he found her?

She hesitated as she neared the doorway where he stood. But then he stepped back into the hall. “I didn’t come here just to watch,” he said. “That’s not my thing…”

She narrowed her eyes with suspicion. Was it just that everything he said sounded like sexual innuendo or was he actually implying that there was something between her and Lawrence?

Of course, he had seen Lawrence kiss her. But Lawrence kissed everyone. Everyone.

“Good night,” she called back to the photographer. He barely glanced up from the computer monitor to wave.

As she walked down the hall of the old warehouse, she turned to Ronan and asked, “Why did you come here? And how did you find me?”

“I have my sources,” he said.

And that chilled her blood even more. “I am well aware of that,” she said. “But I can’t believe they actually got it right this time.”

He stopped at the elevator and turned toward her, his dark eyes narrowed. “So all those witnesses were lying and you’re the only one telling the truth?”

“Yes,” she said. Her grandparents had raised her with values—one of which being that it was never okay to lie, not even little white ones. Too bad those witnesses hadn’t been raised the same way she had.

“Why would everyone else lie?” Ronan asked her.

“You tell me,” she challenged him. “Did you pay them?” He must have. What else could they have had to gain, except for some time in the horrible spotlight that the scandal had shone on her?

He chuckled. But he didn’t answer her question. He just turned and pressed the button for the elevator.

What would it take to get him to confess to somehow coercing those witnesses into lying? He was rich. So he didn’t need money. He had probably used his own to pay them off since Arte hadn’t had much money until he’d taken most of her savings—and the apartment and car—in the porce. He didn’t even know how to drive.

The elevator dinged, and the doors slid open with a swoosh of noise and air. Muriel sucked in a breath at the thought of getting into another elevator with Ronan Hall.

He stepped back and waited for her to pass through the doors in front of him. “Come on,” he said. “As long as you don’t mess with the control panel this time, we’ll be fine.”

She hesitated. “We could take the stairs…” It would probably be safer—for a few reasons.

“We’re on the twelfth floor,” he reminded her. “Did you take the stairs up?”


“So you don’t have a problem with using the elevator,” he said as if he was cross-examining her again, the way he had on the witness stand. “You just have a problem with taking the elevator with me.”

While his cross-examination had been ruthless, he hadn’t shaken her. But then, she’d had the resolve of the truth on her side. He didn’t have that, so maybe she could shake him. But she was not going to get a confession out of him unless she was alone with him. Dare she go through with her plan? Dare she be alone with him?

Because she knew what was going to happen…

The attraction between them was too strong—so strong that it could probably even overpower the anger and resentment and distrust between them.

She stepped into the elevator car. And when she automatically reached for the control panel, she pulled her hand back to her side. She was not going to risk getting stuck with him again.

He chuckled as he stepped inside with her. Then he reached for the panel. She didn’t see which button he pushed; she just assumed it was for the lobby. In the heart of the Garment District, the building’s tenants were mostly fashion designers along with a few photographers. There was no place to have a drink there.

Muriel really needed that drink. Hell, she needed more than a drink. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d eaten. And she was not the type of model who starved herself. She enjoyed food too much.

Fortunately, the fashion industry appreciated curves now over skin and bones. Or she wouldn’t have been able to get any work. Now she was sought after…

Professionally. Personally—not so much. Men weren’t eager to date the man-eater the media had painted her as being. She’d overheard people talking about how she was too intimidating to the opposite sex now.

Ronan Hall hadn’t appeared too intimidated the other night. And he must not have been or he wouldn’t have sought her out again.

The doors closed, shutting them into the stark car together. This elevator wasn’t nearly as fancy as the one in her building; it was all bare metal and wood, and it was bigger—big enough to carry crates of garments from one floor to the next.

She didn’t have to stand anywhere near Ronan. But it didn’t matter how far away she was from him; she could feel his presence. It was as if electricity arced between his body and hers.

Her skin tingled, and her blood heated, pumping hot and fast through her veins. “We should go somewhere with a kitchen,” she said. “I’m hungry, too.”

She felt a hollowness inside, but she wasn’t sure that it was one food could fill. Maybe only he could…

He reached for the panel again, jabbed a button and the elevator shuddered to a stop.

“I’m hungry, too,” he said as he reached for her. He wrapped his arm around her waist and reeled her in until her body pressed against his. He was so big, so broad, so tense.

His erection strained against his pants—and against her hips. Instinctively she arched and rubbed against him, and he groaned.

“And with every outfit you changed into, I got hungrier,” he said.

“You didn’t have to stay.” But she’d been glad that he was still there—every time she had stepped out of the dressing room after a wardrobe change. She’d wanted him to see what she was wearing; she’d wanted him to see her, and she’d wanted to see his reaction.

“I couldn’t leave,” he said, his voice gruffer now as if he was in pain.

“Why not?” she asked.

“Because I didn’t get what I came for…”

“And what did you come for?” she asked.

He lowered his head to hers and kissed her—deeply—hungrily. His lips moved over hers, nibbling and plucking at them until she gasped with pleasure.

“I came for you,” he said, his voice a gruff whisper. “I came for this…”

His hands moved over her, lifting her sweater up and over her head. He uttered a lustful sigh. “I was hoping you were still wearing this…”

It was the black bra with the bow in the middle. Bette was a genius designer. She somehow made the bras so that the one bow held the cups together and provided support. Muriel’s breasts swelled over the top of it.

“Why?” she asked, and she wasn’t faking the breathlessness in her voice. Her heart was racing so fast that she could barely draw any air into her lungs. But as she tried, her breasts swelled even more and nearly spilled over the top of the black bra.

Ronan reached for that bow, tugging on the ribbons, and the bra fell away, freeing her breasts. She panted for air now as excitement coursed through her. Her nipples tightened and ached for more than the touch of his gaze.

“That’s why,” he replied. “I’ve been dying to undo that bow.”

Muriel had been modeling lingerie and swimsuits for most of her career, so she had long ago gotten over any qualms she might have had about modesty. But there was something about the way that Ronan Hall was looking at her that made her feel more naked than she had ever felt before.

He wasn’t just looking at her body. It was as if he was trying to peer into her heart and soul. Maybe he was wondering if she had one.

She did. She doubted that he did, though. So what the hell was she doing getting half-naked in an elevator with the man who had nearly destroyed her? 

Copyright © 2018 by Lisa Childs

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