Meet Julie Kenner's Men of the Month!

J Kenner's Man of the Month series is picking up steam! Based off the concept of a Man of the Month calendar, readers will be introduced to 12 heroes in total. The books release every other week, which is amazing, because once we meet a hot new MOTM we want to meet another! You can also meet two of Julie's Men of the Month at #RT18 in Reno. But before we get too ahead of ourselves, we'll let Julie tell you the rest ...

For those who haven't heard my squeals of delight, I've been hip deep in hot, sexy men for months now. I've not only been spending time at the keyboard with these guys, I've had the pleasure of meeting each and every one of the real-life men who represent their fictional counterpart! (Yeah, I know, my job is rough.)

So, naturally, when the wonderful folks at RT asked if I would share a bit of information about the series and the twelve heroes who readers will meet as each of the books releases, I positively jumped at the chance. I love these guys, and I hope that you will, too! 

This time, I'm sharing info about Mr. July to Mr. December, the final six guys!

If you haven't heard of the Man of the Month series yet, the concept is a binge-read series of twelve books releasing every two weeks (thus the binge read component!). Each of the books is a full-length romance novel (not a novella) and each romance stands alone with a guaranteed happily ever after. Every book in the series, however, fits into an overarching story thread that centers around a group of friends trying to save a financially strapped local bar in my hometown of Austin, Texas — The Fix On Sixth.

Realizing that the bar is losing customers to a competitor, they double down with the broad shoulders, six-pack abs and bare chests of dozens of hot, local guys who they cajole, prod, and coerce into auditioning for a Man of the Month calendar.

But it's not just the fate of the bar that's at stake. Because as things heat up, each of the men meets his match and gets his HEA! 

Mr. July: Derek Winston

Turn Me On

Mr. July: Derek Winston

Sometimes one night just isn’t enough.

The heir to an international hotel chain, Derek Winston can have pretty much any woman he wants, and he’s had a lot of them. Mostly, though, he’s focused on his business. On proving to his father that he’s worthy to not only take over the business in the future, but also that he can spin off his own division of smaller, boutique hotels with a funky, retro feel.


His work takes him all over the country, including Austin, Texas. And though he’s not looking for a steady woman, one night in The Fix, he can’t help but notice the beauty across the bar.

A moment of flirting turns into a night of passion. And when he invites her back to his bed on his next trip in town, what started as a fling turns into a year-long series of intoxicating encounters that leave Derek wanting to pursue something deeper.

The only problem: she’s content with the current arrangement. Now Derek’s going to have to convince her that a lifetime of nights together will be so much sweeter.

And when he finally gives in to temptation ... well, the result is combustible!

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Mr. August: Landon Ware

Shake It Up

Mr. August: Landon Ware

He’ll do whatever it takes to protect her.
Meet Mr. February. Winter's ice is about to melt.

Detective Landon Ware’s not a man who’s looking for romance. Why would he? His life has been hard, and that’s impacted the people around him. As a child in East Austin, he managed to keep his nose clean despite the gang and drug activity that swirled around him. Smart and wily, he’d managed to stay clean even while he hoped for an escape. He got one, but also learned that sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for. He escapes, yes. But only because his single mom is killed in a drive-by shooting, and he’s thrust into foster care at the age of nine.

Landon’s wish has come true, but at the highest cost. There’s some good, though. His wealthy, suburban foster parents adore him. He gets a good education. He grows up in a safe neighborhood. And he has the benefit of knowing what he wants to do with his life from a very young age: he wants to be a detective.

Smart and resourceful, Landon makes his dream come true. And soon realizes there’s a price there, too, when his young wife leaves him when his work life seeps over into his personal life.

Now Landon is alone, married to the job, and that’s just the way he intends to stay. Until he meets a woman in danger. A woman he agrees to help. A woman who’s far too young—and the chemistry between them is far too hot.

He wants to keep his distance, but there’s only one way to draw out the stalker—and that’s to give in to their chemistry.

It could ruin his career. It could put her in danger.

It could be the best thing they’ve ever done.


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Mr. September: Easton Wallace

All Night Long

Mr. September: Easton Wallace

She’s turning his world upside down.

A recent transplant to Texas, Easton Wallace is the kind of man who fills out a designer suit. And with his chiseled good looks and magnetic blue eyes, he looks more like a cover model for a men’s magazine than the hard-driving attorney that he is.

His whole life, Easton was determined to make it in the law, a dream that was fostered when he saw his middle class family’s life spiral down the drain when they were caught at the wrong end of a bad situation—and had no way of getting restitution from the corporation that screwed the family over.

Determined and focused, Easton has spent his career helping the underdog—and has made a fortune in the process. Not to mention a few enemies. Now, he’s considering a bid for political office, an it’s important he keep his nose clean.

Which means this really isn’t the right time for him to me a free-spirited girl with a wild streak. A girl who doesn’t abide by the rules, but who needs his help legally. A girl who could get him noticed in all the wrong ways.

A girl who makes him crazy … in all the right ways.

Now Easton’s going to have to decide: Walk the straight and narrow? Or go a little wild?

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Mr. October: Matthew Herrington

In Too Deep

Mr. October: Matthew Herrington

He never expected fake kisses to turn into real passion.
Meet Mr. April. Her pleasure is his passion.

Fitness center owner Matthew Herrington could be the cover model for his own chain of gyms. He certainly as the body for it. He’s comfortable in his gym and with his friends, but he doesn’t need or want other eyes on him. And though he’s been approached about doing a fitness show for a cable network, he prefers a laid back life well to of the spotlight.

The son of a well-known country music singer, Matthew got enough attention when he was growing up to last a life time, and he keeps that part of his history a secret from most people. Not hiding it so much as not mentioning it.

Basically, Matthew just wants to be Matthew.

Which is why he’s less than enthusiastic when he gets roped into playing the role of a pretend fiancé for one of his buddy’s co-workers. But Matthew’s also a loyal friend, and when he learns that the woman may lose out on a promotion—even in this day and age!—because her bosses don’t think a single women is stable enough, he knows he has to help her.

He thinks it’ll be a one-night performance, but he doesn’t expect the goodnight kiss that’s for the benefit of onlookers to have so much zing behind it. And he sure doesn’t expect to be pulled in for another command performance at another one of her events.

Soon, he’s playing the role of husband-to-be in all sorts of ways, including between the sheets. The chemistry between them is off-the-charts, but neither one of them ever intended it to go further than fantasy.

Can they turn their fake engagement into something real?

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Mr. November: Griffin Draper

Light My Fire

Mr. November: Griffin Draper

She sees the man behind the scars.

When he was a child, a horrible accident left Griffin Draper burned over the right side of his body, so severe that he still bears numerous scars, both internal and external. He wants a relationship … but he doesn’t believe he can have a satisfying one. Or that any woman would be interested in him except out of pity.

A voice actor who created a hugely popular podcast that’s in the process of becoming a movie, Griffin has poured his heart and his soul into his work. He has friends … but he doesn’t do relationships.

Or, at least, he didn’t.

Lately, he’s become friends with the stunning actress who’s attached to the movie, and she’s made it clear that she wants to be more than just friends.

The trouble is, Griffin can’t believe that she would truly be interested in him that way.

Now, to find happiness, Griffin is going to have to learn to see past his physical and mental scars, or risk losing the best thing that ever happened to him.

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Mr. December: Brent Sinclair

Walk The Line

Mr. December: Brent Sinclair

He never expected to find her, but now he won’t give her up.

Single dad Brent Sinclair is absolutely not looking for a relationship. Which is too bad for the female population who frequent the bar where he works, because Brent Sinclair is one damn good-looking man all wrapped up in the protective alpha male attitude of a former cop.

But any possibility of getting close to a woman for the long-term is completely off the table as far as Brent is concerned. He got burned too badly when his ex-wife walked out on him the day their only child was born.

Now, all Brent wants is to take care of his five-year-old daughter, do his job, and be with his friends. He’s not adverse to a few intimate encounters—he’s a man, after all—but getting serious is completely out of the question.

When his boss’s grown daughter pitches in to help babysit, the sparks fly immediately. She’s fun and flirty and talented, and something about her gets under Brent’s skin. And as a bonus, she’s not looking for anything long term, either. They keep their fling a secret, but it doesn’t stay that way. And when the boss learns that Brent—and Brent’s reputation—is sleeping with his daughter, the tension builds between the longtime friends and co-workers.

But now that he’s found her, Brent’s not willing to give her up. He’s determined to convince her that he’s the man for her, no matter what sacrifices he has to make along the path to love.

(Note! Mr. December will be joining me at the RT Booklovers' Convention in Reno, along with Mr. April!)

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Want to get reacquainted with Mr. January through Mr. June? We can help! And if you'd like more information on the 2018 RT Booklovers Convention (and where you can meet Julie, Mr. April and Mr. December), visit our the RT Convention website.

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