Hump Day: Lynda Aicher's BLIND TRUST

Lynda Aicher's BLIND TRUSTJoin us in The Boardroom to enjoy a hot Hump Day excerpt — we're taking a peak inside Lynda Aicher's latest erotic romance, Blind Trust, available next month! 

There's only one thing Brightown Wakeford wants for her birthday: freedom. Surrendering to four men determined to bring her pleasure seems like the perfect place to start. Brighton's blindfold prevents her from seeing her lovers, which means she has no idea that one of the men intent on driving her wild is also her boss ...

Ryan sucked in a breath, held it until the tightness in his chest loosened enough to allow him to exhale. The ache remained, though. Right next to his heart that he’d sworn was incapable of feeling anything.

The second she’d spoken, he’d known for sure. This was Brighton Wakeford. His subordinate and employee, even if she did report to another partner.

She was forbidden.

Exactly like the Boardroom itself.

Yet he couldn’t stay away, not when he could help her. Touch her. Be there for her without her ever knowing.

He ran his palm over her abdomen from his position behind her, inhaled long and slow to savor her scent. Naughty yet light, it somehow matched her understated but sexy-as-hell lingerie. This woman spread out before him was not the one from his memory. The professional, polite, dedicated worker who presented every finding without opinion or judgment.

This woman was a surprise.

A wonderful, interesting, erotic one.

Her honesty had been backed by courage meant to camouflage her nerves. The ones that tightened her muscles beneath his palm and lined her words, which were spoken in that low voice coated with defiance yet still so vulnerable.

Where had this woman been hiding?

He caught Aaron’s eye, flicked his brow up. The other man gave a quick smile from the chair he’d moved between Brie’s spread legs. He wet his lips, hauled her hips to the edge of the table and dipped his head.

Brie flinched, a tight squeak escaping.

“Just feel,” Ryan whispered. “Let go.” Trust me. There was no way he’d let anything bad happen to her.

She relaxed with a low moan, her weight returning to his chest in a slow roll of acceptance. Yes. His abdomen contracted as he sucked in a breath. Excitement built in layers of want backed by need.

This was easily turning out to be his best decision of the day.

He ran his hand up to cup her full breast in slow increments that let him savor the weight. It filled his palm in a tempting mound that molded to his touch. He squeezed it lightly, enticed by the dark nipple that was aroused to a hard tip waiting to be teased. Tasted. Sucked.

Her breaths increased to short pants that lifted her chest with each inhalation. Her legs had fallen open, all signs of tension gone.

“You are our only priority tonight,” he told her, meaning every word. “Our sole goal is to pleasure you.” And what an easy task that was turning out to be. That had been Jacob’s description of the scene, and they’d all signed up agreeing to it.

“Why?” she asked on a breathy whisper before a low moan eased out. Her back arched, breath hitching. Her grip on his wrist fell away in a trail of fingers when she exhaled, hips twisting. The seductive dip and roll sent his imagination into overdrive and taunted the lust simmering in his groin.

“Does it matter?” He dragged his teeth down the side of her neck, absorbing every little shift and twitch. He bit the sensitive junction of her neck and shoulder, soaked up her soft sigh as she gripped his thighs. Her head tilted in an offering he couldn’t reject. “Tonight is about you.” He slid his tongue up to nip her earlobe. “Only you.”

There was nothing else to explain.

Aaron lifted his head to exhale a trail of warm breath over her damp panties. The tease was still on. The build would only make the end so much better. The other men stood to Aaron’s left and right, their gazes filled with lust and want.

On his nod, Jacob and Cramer stepped up to remove her heels. As sexy as they were in their silver simplicity, they’d only get in the way.

Her hold on his thighs tightened. The pressure shot down his legs to incite the languid passion building in his groin. He released a low groan of his own. How could this be the demure woman from his office?

He smiled against her neck. He imagined there were numerous people who’d wonder the same thing about him.

“What do you want, Brie?” He let her name roll off his tongue in a slow beat of sex. He’d never say her name again without thinking of this night. “Were you expecting four of us?”

Her head swiveled in a negative response as the other men straightened her legs, massaging her calves as they did. He eased his hand down her abdomen, pausing to circle a finger over the dark little mole on her hip. Flat to the touch, it marked the last boundary that stood between her and full nudity.

Her stomach contracted, breath holding.

He caught Aaron’s attention again. At some point they’d become the leads to this part of the scene. Jacob had stepped back without a hint of irritation, and thankfully, Cramer had as well.

Her tongue slipped over her full bottom lip in a tempting show of want and expectation. One he didn’t wish to disappoint.

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