Hump Day: Kristen Ashley's THE GREATEST RISK

THE GREATEST RISK by Kristen AshleyCelebrate Hump Day at Kristen Ashley's Honey Club — we have a very sexy excerpt from The Greatest Risk, available next week!

A Domme and a Master come together with explosive results. Sixx struggles to forge emotional bonds, but Stellan's connection to her is stronger than she ever could have anticipated. Will Stellan disrupt Sixx's plan to leave the Honey Club behind?

“You probably have no earthly idea how pretty you are.”

“I’m hot as fuck,” she tried to quip, but her words were breathy.

He gave her a small smile. “You are, my darling, but you’re also uncommonly pretty.” He rubbed a thumb across her lips, whispering, “I could look at you for hours.”

Simone was finished with talking, definitely not in the mood to stand there and let him look at her, and she communicated that by arching into him.

He used his hands at her face to pull her up and again captured her mouth.

It took effort, and control, to build the heat of his kisses slowly, especially when she started making little mews that formed in the back of her throat but filled his mouth.

And most especially when she rubbed her breasts against his chest through the fabric of their shirts.

But when her patience snapped and her hands became urgent, lifting up the untucked tails of his shirt and hitting the skin at the sides of his waist, immediately trailing everywhere she could reach, her touch slipped the knot he had tied on his control, and Stellan returned it.

Under her shirt, he wrapped his fingers around her sides. The pads going up her back, his thumbs dug in at the front.

Her skin was smooth, soft, warm, gorgeous.

Gliding up, his attention snagged as his thumb snagged a ridge of skin that shouldn’t be there.

Although he’d seen them the night before when he’d helped her undress, it surprised him enough to break contact with her lips.

But he wouldn’t have had to.

Her body abruptly cranked to the side, and if he didn’t tighten his hold on her to keep her where she was, he’d have lost her.

Their eyes met, and her breathing was no longer ragged simply due to his kisses.

“I—” she started, panic seeping into her gaze.

“I know about it,” he whispered, feeling her tense as he dragged the pad of his thumb back over one of two scars he knew she’d received when she’d sustained gunshot wounds.


“Not for now,” he finished for her.


He pressed in at the scar but took his other hand from her skin to hold her at the side of her head.

He put his lips to hers and said, “I know what brought you back to Phoenix, darling. And we’ll talk about the whys later. For now all you need to know is that I don’t give a fuck about it. It doesn’t bother me. It’s part of you. It comes with you. It’s a piece of your history. And in case you’ve been missing my message, honey, I want all of you. Now settle down so that I can get inside you.”

She stared into his eyes, her breath still coming fast with excitement as well as panic, and before he could guess her intention, she pulled back, tore off her shirt, tossed it aside and came at him with hands up.

Fingers fisting in his hair, she dragged his mouth down to hers.

She thrust her tongue between his lips.

He thrust it out, taking hers briefly, then tore his mouth free.

It was high time to move things along.

“Shorts off,” he growled.

She moved instantly, shimmying them down, and it was his turn to pull away, not bothering with the buttons but yanking his shirt over his head.

When she stood there in nothing but a black, net lace bra, one that exposed high, small breasts and dark, budded nipples, Stellan shoved a thigh through her legs, drawing it up.

She gasped when it hit her, and he used it to lift her, moving in, taking her onto the bed, going with her, falling on top of her.

And finally she was beneath him.

He possessed her mouth with a scorching kiss that he didn’t allow to last long because he refused to wait any longer.

After what amounted to years of watching, years of wondering, it was finally time to discover a different taste of his Simone.

On his way down her body, he only stopped long enough to jerk one cup of her bra down and pull hard with his mouth on her tight nipple, giving himself the sharp sound of her pleasure, before he moved down further.

When he reached his destination, it was Simone who threw one leg over his shoulder, the other she lifted and let fall wide.

The invitation was brazen.

And exquisite.

His hard cock throbbed inside his jeans, and he went in.

Arching her back, rocking into his mouth, he’d barely slid his tongue along her clit before he felt and heard her coming.

He took that, he pushed it, he clamped his hands on her hips and held her to him, fucking her with his tongue, feeding on her delicious wet, sucking on her clit as she gasped, moaned, whimpered and squirmed against him.

Christ, she was magnificent.

So magnificent, eating her as he ground his hard cock into the mattress, Stellan took more.

And more.

Suddenly, she wrenched free and he felt her hands on his jaw, pulling him up to his knees, to her, putting her face to his, and she panted against his moist lips, her foggy, burning, molton brown eyes somehow managing also to be intensely focused as she pushed out, “You. Now.”

“I wasn’t finished,” he growled. 

She came in, eyes locked to his, sinking her teeth sharply in his bottom lip. He felt pain and instantly tasted blood, but she yanked back, pulling his flesh with her, and Christ . . .


He felt his cast-iron cock start to weep.

She let his lip go and forced out hoarsely, “You. Now.”

Not thinking, suddenly and for the first time in his life at someone’s command, his hands went to his jeans.

He handled the fly. Simone was at the ready right when he got the zip down, and she dragged them over his ass.

His cock sprung blissfully free, and Stellan had to shove her hand away to take hold of his own damned self and wrest back the control that she’d seized.

With his other arm, he rounded her hips, pulling her up to him.

He positioned.

She again caught hold of his jaw with both her hands.

He drove in.

“Beautiful Christ,” he groaned when her sleek tight closed around him.

On a gust of breath, her head falling back, her hands slid into his hair, up, so her forearms were holding him at the back of his head.

He dropped her to her back on his bed and started moving.

She rounded his shoulders with her arms, righted her head, caught his eyes, and rocked with his thrusts.

“Faster, Stellan,” she ordered, locking on to him with her heels in his ass.

“Patience, darling,” he gritted, going slow, enjoying learning every silken inch of her, intimately.

Her head came up swiftly.

His reared back at the same time he lifted his hand to her face, forcing his thumb into her mouth, holding her tongue down with the pad.

The edges of her teeth sank into his flesh, causing a sting, making his balls draw up, and he felt the smile on his lips when he drove in slow, deep, putting his face to hers.

“Settle down, Sixx,” he whispered. Her eyes narrowed, he swiveled his hips on an inward glide, and his smile grew as he watched her eyelids flutter at the same time he felt the walls of her pussy do the same. “You had your moment. We fuck my way, honey.”

He moved, unhurried and deliberate, completely enjoying every wet thrust.

She changed tactics and licked his thumb.

He carried on moving just as he liked.

“Yes?” he prompted.

She glared a moment.

He swiveled again

Her eyes rolled back into her head

“Yes?” he pushed.

Vaguely, she nodded.

He ground in as her reward.

Her chin tipped back, and she automatically sucked his thumb in deep.

It was then he went faster.

“Round my waist with your legs,” he commanded.

She did as told.

And Stellan went even faster, this time doing it harder.

Hazily, she caught his eyes and sucked frantically at his thumb.

He drew it out and exchanged it with his tongue.

She took his cock, and he gave her the thumb she’d wetted at her clit.

When he did, one of her hands clenched in his hair as she flung the other arm over her head and fisted it in his comforter, moaning into his mouth.

And when she needed it, could take no more, he released her lips.

“Don’t come,” he ordered gruffly.

“Stellan,” she breathed, her hips meeting his thrusts wildly.

Fuck, she was amazing.

“Don’t you come, Simone,” he warned thickly, pounding inside her now, pushing it for himself, desperate to explode, needing more to watch what he was building in her, watch her struggle to obey his command, unintentionally doing anything in her power to snap his control so she’d be freed to let her own go.

“Baby,” she whispered her plea, arching up into him, rubbing against him, rocking with him, pulling out all the stops.

He kept at her with cock and thumb until it was Stellan who could take no more.

“Now, darling,” he whispered.

She shoved her face in his neck and flew apart.

And he sank his teeth deep into the flesh of hers, and his world turned white.

Everything obliterating, drawing down to nothing but the taste of Simone in his mouth, his cock pounding into her sleek, soaked beauty, his balls draining, skin rubbing and slapping against skin, sex mingled with her perfume, his cologne permeating the air, and his whole body fucking, fucking finally covering hers, buried in hers as Stellan climaxed inside his Simone.

When the world turned to color again, and he had it in him to unlatch the hold of his teeth and automatically begin to lave the mark he’d left there, it hit him that Simone was not stroking him. Not petting him. Not quivering under him in her own aftermath.

Legs about his waist, one arm below his shoulder blades, one hand on the back of his neck, she was holding on fast. Hard. Tight.

He moved his thumb from her clit to put his weight into his forearm in the bed.

But even as he took that from her, she didn’t let go.

So he slid his lips to her ear.

“Are you all right, honey?” he whispered.

She didn’t answer verbally.

Just nodded.

He lifted his head to look down at her.

And grew completely still.

He didn’t move until the tear slid out the side of her eye, along her temple, to disappear in her hair.

He bent to touch his lips to the trail and then laid his hand there, positioning his face right in hers.

“Simone, darling, I asked if you’re all right,” he repeated gently.

“Thank you,” she whispered.

“For what?” he asked.

“For thinking I deserve you.”

Her words caused his entire chest to cave in, and he growled.

Then he kissed her hard and deep. 

And when he was done, he decided that was for another time.

Now, they were celebrating.

And they were doing that by engaging in a mind-boggling amount of fucking.

But when he broke from her mouth, he queried, “Now would you like a cocktail?”

She stared in his eyes. Eventually her lips quirked.

And finally they moved.


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