Hump Day: Erin McCarthy's THE HOOKUP

THE HOOKUP by Erin McCarthyWhat do you do when a hookup turns into something more? That's the conundrum Sophie faces in Erin McCarthy's The Hookup, available next week. Sophie certainly isn't looking for love when her eyes first fall on Cain, but it doesn't take long to realize that their attraction extends far beyond physical. Want to experience some of that chemistry for yourself? We've got a sexy excerpt:

“I . . .” There was nothing. No words. No thoughts. Just confusion and arousal and hot, wet want.

My eyes rolled back. My head fell to the side. My thighs drifted open, relaxed. Easy. There it was again. Easy. Everything with Cain could be easy if I just let it be. He didn’t speak. He just let his tongue do the talking. I couldn’t have explained or described the precise mechanics of what he was doing, I just felt like he was everywhere. He licked and sucked and stroked. Pussy, clit, nipples. Even though I felt frantic, his movements were steady, controlled, never rushed, never lazy.

Briefly I watched the top of his head, his dark hair the only thing really visible, but then I fell backward, staring at the ceiling from beneath half-closed eyes. I tried to count the strokes. The licks. But I couldn’t. I couldn’t hold on to anything except the overwhelming sensation of wet, tingling awesomeness. It shocked me to the core, literally, when I came in a big, powerful orgasm.

My back arched and I let out a cry, swept under by the waves of ecstasy. My mind was a blissful void of nothing but amazing pleasure. My fingers curled into the sheet and I might have actually thrown him off unintentionally if he hadn’t held on to me with an iron grip, pinning me to the bed, his strokes continuing as endlessly as my orgasm. Finally, I breathed, “Holy shit,” and shoved frantically at his head. It felt like my body might splinter if he didn’t stop.

Cain sat back and wiped his mouth, looking as smug as anyone I’d ever encountered in my entire life. He peeled his briefs off and opened the night stand, removing a condom. I lay there, thighs trembling, breathing hard. It felt like I should attempt to close my legs, be artful and beautiful, but I couldn’t move at all. After he had the condom on, he hauled my knees up.

“Wrap your legs around me,” he murmured, bending down to give me a kiss.

I tasted my own desire on his lips and it was . . . strange. Yet sexy.

When he pushed inside me it was momentarily uncomfortable, a huge, invasive beast somewhere it shouldn’t be. But then my body gave way for him and it felt right. The world’s most perfect fit. I must have made a sound of distress though, my fingers digging into his biceps, because he paused.

“You okay?” he asked. His hand lifted and trailed down my cheek, drawing goosebumps from my dewy flesh. He wore a necklace. A cross. It dangled back and forth in front of me and I shifted my gaze upward, away from it, locking with his pale blue eyes.

I nodded. “Yes.” It was odd to think that his body was inside mine in the world’s most scientific form of intimacy. The chemistry of desire. Survival instinct. Maybe that was why I didn’t feel vulnerable or awkward having a total stranger connecting with me. It was written in our DNA. As old as time, the galaxy, and the stars.

So he started to move, slowly, and I lay there and let my body understand it. His teeth were gritted and his muscles were all firm and bunched, tension in his shoulders, his arms. Each stroke was easier, deeper. Wetter. I lifted my hips, rocking in motion, startled by how good it felt to collide with his hard cock.

“Oh, yes,” I murmured. I don’t even know why I spoke. I just felt electric, hot, strung tight in his sweet, hard, pleasure.

The Hookup will be available in digital on May 8. Copies start at $4.99, grab yours here: Amazon | B&N | Google Play | iBooks | Kobo. And if more Hump Day excerpts is what you crave, we've got you covered.

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