This Is The Most Metal Book Cover of 2015

I'm calling it. The cover of Voyage of the Basilisk by Marie Brennan will be the most metal book cover of 2015:

All of Brennan's Lady Trent covers have been gorgeous, but this one is just straight up badass. Look at that thing! It's definitely going to eat you right after it polishes off that boat full of people, using the planks of wood as toothpicks. And just in case you were wondering how insanely big this sea dragon is, there's a handy size guide for you. See that humpback whale? It's 30m long, almost 100 feet! It would take up 1/3 of a football field and it's totally dwarfed by that dragon. And that shark? Psh. It looks like a toy I'd give my dog. You know that shark is like, "Bye, not even gonna make eye contact with you, dragon" and is gonna swim along its merry way. That squid isn't even trying to mess with the dragon, it's swimming in the opposite direction. Not even the epic winged dragon in flight on the cover of The Tropic of Serpents could take on this giant sea beast. And the dragon on A Natural History of Dragons doesn't even have all of its skin, so you know it's out. This is by far the grandest dragon of the series' covers, and probably the most metal cover of 2015. Unless someone wants to Photoshop a little Isabella riding the dragon, then that would win.


What do you think? Baddest cover dragon of all time? Voyage of the Basilisk releases March 31.