Authors and the Pets Who Own Them

We love our four-legged, furry friends — we even had an office cat, Dylan, for many years! He helped relieve deadline stress. But when we recently moved offices, Dylan stayed behind with his humans. So when authors post pics of their animal companions — everything from cats to hedgehogs and even goats! — we can't help but coo vicariously. Here's a roundup of the best ones we found on Instagram.

This is an absolute reason we must take up crocheting — Lauren, you'll teach us, right?

Just look at this magnificent beast! 

Jodi Meadows' ferrets are cranking the cuteness levels up to 11.

If you can't laugh at the cone of shame, you must not be a dog person.

Well, now, this is just creepy. You okay, Shannon?

And you, Sophie? You all right?

But we can all learn something from animals. Here's Maggie Stiefvater, with some solid proof that there can be harmony within the animal kingdom. 

(Also she puts T-shirts on her goats, and … we're pretty sure that's what the Internet was invented for, yes?)

We'd say it's hard to beat pet goats, if it weren't for Lindsay Summings' hat-wearing hedgehog! (If Kim Kardashian hadn't already broken the Internet, surely this little guy would have.)

And, as all author pet rounds up on the Internet must, we leave you with Scalzi's bacon cat. Just because. 

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