Hump Day Excerpt: Under His Touch by Jeffe Kennedy

We love a good office romance as much as the next reader, which is why we're excited today's Hump Day Excerpt is from Jeffe Kennedy's Under His Touch, which revolves around the passionate affair between Amber and her boss, Alexander. The scene in today's excerpt takes place after their first night together — which is so kinky and white-hot you'll have to pick up the book yourself to see! But don't worry, this will leave you just as rumpled.

Fortunately the hot bath and that last, very hot orgasm ran Amber down enough that she snuggled into bed with him without testing him further. She’d hate the analogy, but she reminded him of having a new puppy — full of energy and revved to try any and everything, all at once. He wouldn’t have thought he had four orgasms in him. It still rattled him that Amber had managed to extract that last one. And that he hadn’t dredged up the strength to stop her. Another, however, might have given him a permanent disability.

He didn’t know how all those men twice his age dealt with their beautiful young mistresses. Certainly not a venture for the faint of heart. Perhaps they counted on their trophy companions to be satisfied with the money and lifestyle. And pool boys and tennis coaches, if the jokes were to be believed. Sod him if he’d become that kind of fool.

Besides, all of that was thinking much too far down the road. This first encounter for them had been a tremendous release of pent-up energy. Preceding even the catalyst of meeting each other. Amber with her stockpile of fantasies, practicing deep throating on those bone-headed boys who had apparently no clue what a sexual siren they’d been too afraid of to properly savor. And him, with his lonely penance, depriving himself of all but the most basic and boring of sexual interludes.

It had been an extraordinary evening. In the glimmer of lights from the city around them, he could just make out their reflection in the mirror above. Amber’s white skin nearly glowing as she lay sleeping on his bare chest, dark in contrast, and her tumble of hair spread in a banner over the pillow she wasn’t using. The sheet draped over her sweetly flared hips, her back long and narrow. Sensual and comfortable in her skin, exuberantly sexual, she made him feel at once paradoxically younger and old by comparison.

Even in this moment, when she’d fallen asleep with childlike speed and he lay awake, despite his body’s depletion and the late hour, mind buzzing. Brooding again, Tessa would have said, with that impatience of long association. Her remanent in his head had a point. Here he had what many men would envy—a beautiful young woman, eager to let him have her any way he wished. And he couldn’t quite let himself enjoy it. The inevitable end of the affair worried at him. Knowing he’d suffer for it. Knowing he deserved to.

Why this is hell, nor am I out of it.

He woke when she stirred, slipping out from under the sheets, morning light pouring in the windows and heating the room. With a stab of pain, his first waking thought was that she was leaving him already. “Where are you going?”

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