Melissa West on the Rise of Sci-Fi — and a Giveaway

Science fiction is one of the most exciting genres out there these days, whether you love aliens, time travel or lunar civilizations, there's definitely something for everyone! Today, YA author Melissa West talks about interstellar tales and why they're so appealing. And stay tuned at the end for an exciting giveaway!

When I set out to write my series four years ago, I had an idea — aliens who came to Earth through hyperspaces they’d built into the trees. I worked the manuscript over and over, and then began querying agents, only to have them tell me that aliens weren’t "saleable," “loveable or otherwise.”

But today, the landscape for aliens and Sci-Fi alike is not only hopeful, but growing.

From movies like Interstellar that use wormholes, to shows like the cult phenomenon Doctor Who, Sci-Fi is becoming more and more accessible, with the same concepts being used in fresh ways to reach new audiences.

These fresh takes on old ideas is the very reason I feel Sci-Fi has made such a huge comeback. Science doesn’t have to be overly complex. With fiction, we can deliver smart ideas in relatable ways, making it easy for readers to slip into the story. They can become time travelers, residents aboard a spaceship or even alien beings sent to save Earth.

Add in technological improvements for movies and television, and suddenly, it isn’t simply that we could see ourselves in these characters’ shoes, but we want to be in their world. Graphics, which used to make Sci-Fi theories such as wormholes and hyperspaces and time travel look improbable if not silly, are now so impressive they appear real. Which is what it’s all about — losing ourselves in the possibility that maybe, just maybe, science fiction is less fiction and more science. The possibilities then become endless … along with our imaginations.

So you tell me — why do you enjoy Sci-Fi? Is it the search for the unknown? The thrill of imagining people from the future around us? Other species from other planets around us?

Or maybe you simply love hot aliens. I know I do!

Melissa West

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