Debut Author Spotlight: Sarah Tomp

Moonshine, romance and small town drama — what's not to love about Sarah Tomp's My Best Everything? It's the story of Lulu, who cooks up a moonshine business to pay for college — with town bad boy Mason. To celebrate the book's release, we turned our Debut Author Spotlight on Sarah and she spilled the beans on her favorite word, author icons and her new book. Take a look:

Name: Sarah Tomp

Book: My Best Everything

Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary Romance

Current Home: San Diego, California

Author Icon(s): Laurie Halse Anderson, Barbara Kingsolver, Louisa May Alcott

Favorite Word: Pudding

Was this the first book you ever wrote?

I started with writing picture books and short stories, but most of my ideas needed more space and words! I wrote two complete novels before My Best Everything — one sweet heart-twanger of a story, and one kind of crazy adventure. I think this one might be a little bit of both.

How did you start writing?

As a teacher, I loved talking about books and the writing process, but it wasn’t until I took a break from teaching to stay home with my children that I tried to write my own stories. I went to Vermont College of Fine Arts to learn everything I could in two years. I’m still learning!

What was it like when you got "The Call"?

It was a very unglamorous moment! When my agent called to tell me that Little, Brown was going to publish my novel, I was sitting in my kitchen: late for work, holding the phone in one hand and helping my son manage a massive nosebleed with the other. There was a lot of giddy laughter, but with some tears mixed in, just to keep everything properly balanced.

What's your favorite paragraph in My Best Everything?

Moonshine was your first love. The one you’d known all your life. The one that had broken your heart. Lured you in, whispered sweet teases in your ear, made you think it would be different this time. She’d blinded you. Made you think I could never be happy with you. You loved your moonshine, but I knew she’d ruin you.

What's a fun fact about moonshine readers may not know?

All alcohol production depends on yeast! Different parts of the world are home to different strains of yeast, but they live everywhere — so fermentation happens everywhere too. Home-distilled liquors — aka moonshine — are made all over the world!

Author photo by Roxyanne Young

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Take a trip to your favorite bookstore or click away to a digital retailer to grab your copy of My Best Everything today! And for more debut authors, check out our previous spotlights here.