Colleen Hoover Confesses

You guys. Colleen Hoover has a new book out today, Confess. It's so good. It stars Auburn who's trying to rebuild after losing everything. And Owen, an enigmatic artist with a secret. The book is full of true confessions submitted anonymously to Colleen by readers. Which got us wondering if Colleen had any juicy secrets. We asked, and amazingly she obliged … (You'll want to prepare yourselves …)

1) When Facebook was first becoming popular, I found a profile for my husband. His relationship status was listed as single, so naturally I was suspicious.  I created a fake profile of a girl who “liked” all the things he liked, and then I reached out to him under this profile. He came in the living room with his computer and said, “OMG! Look! This chick just sent me a private message flirting with me!” I pretended I didn’t know what he was talking about, and later discovered that all new Facebook profiles at the time defaulted to “single” when you set up an account. I hope he doesn’t read this, because I never told him what I did.

2) I went to the dollar store several years ago and found all these hideous, ceramic jazz-musician figurines. I bought 2- of them, and over the next year I would randomly leave one at my mother’s house or in her car. It drove her mad because she didn’t know who did it!

3) The only ice cream I will eat is Rocky Road, but when I eat it, I pick out all the nuts and save them for last.

4) My husband and I were responsible for cooking the turkey and dressing for our big family Thanksgiving meal several years ago. Neither of us likes to cook, so the day before Thanksgiving we ordered two pans of turkey and dressing from our local restaurant and passed it off as our own. Everyone loved it, but now they beg us to cook every year.

5) When I was a senior in high school, I worked on the school newspaper. I stole a ceramic pig from my English teacher at the beginning of the year. Any time we would go on school trips or functions, I would take pictures of the pig in random places. I would then have ransom notes printed in the newspaper, along with pictures of the pig. 

6) I didn’t actually write Confess.

7) Number six is a lie. 

8) As a child, I had a linoleum bedroom floor.  When my cousin would come visit, we would lock the door and pour bowls of soap and water on the floor.  We would skate around and pretend we were on a water slide.  My mother would always be so confused as to why there were so many dirty towels the next day.  

Colleen Hoover

As if you couldn't love Colleen anymore! Remember, Confess is out today, in stores and online. And for more coming-of-age reads, be sure to visit our Everything Young Adult page!