Exclusive Cover Reveal & Interview: Sin & Honey by Taryn Scarlett (with Editor Lauren Oliver)

We’ve got a gorgeous cover reveal for you today from debut author Taryn Scarlett’s Sin & Honey, a set of erotic novellas based on the Bible. We know. The new series is the first adult title from Paper Lantern Lit's digital imprint, The Studio, meaning we have so many questions. So in addition to ogling the cover, we chatted with Taryn and PLL co-founder — and author extraordinaire — Lauren Oliver. If your interest is piqued, you can check out the first story tomorrow on Wattpad, for free. It’s an italics kind of day, friends.

To the cover!

To the Q&A!

An erotic romance series starring biblical characters! We have so many questions! Are you a religious person or a rebel — or both?
Taryn: My cultural background is Jewish, but I am not observant (aside from my utter devotion to matzo ball soup.) However, since I was young, I’ve been fascinated by the Bible as a work of great storytelling. The themes explored in the Bible have been inspiring works of literature for millennia: forbidden love, great sacrifice, familial obligation, crimes of passion, yielding to (or resisting) temptation — sounds like the makings of a great book, right?

Because the novellas are fictionalized retellings of these biblical stories and characters, I think there's a very clear distinction between where the Bible ends and my imagination begins. But when I think of any great book, there's always some boundary line being pushed, or some taboo being explored by a complex character — that’s what makes a story captivating. And of course, many of the women in the Bible were boundary-breakers and taboo-explorers themselves! (So I guess the answer is yes, I'm born to be wild.) 

Who can readers expect to see in your stories?
Taryn: If you’re familiar with the Bible, then there will definitely be some familiar faces! The first novella, “Seven Years of Longing,” tells the story of sisters Rachel and Leah. In the original text, Rachel is betrothed to Jacob but then tricked by her father when he disguises her elder sister Leah as the bride and she marries Jacob instead. I’ve taken that classic story, inverted it a little, and added some secret twists and turns. The other novellas cover five additional extraordinary women from Delilah to Salome, with some other exciting stories in between. 

What drew you to select this piece of work as your debut adult title?
It was so easy. The writing is undeniable. The inspiration is pulled from the greatest story ever told. The characters are familiar but explored in ways previously unimagined. The saga is epic. We couldn’t have selected a better piece for our breakout into the adult romance world.

The first novella in the collection will be available on Wattpad for free. Why Wattpad?
We really admire the way that Wattpad has built an immense community of enthusiastic readers and writers online — as any publisher or publication knows, building a community is hard. And we love the idea of teasing out the first novella for free. This project is so compulsively readable, we know that the material speaks for itself. Why not get readers hooked? There is no downside. Community drives success, especially in the online space.

The first Sin & Honey story, “Seven Years of Longing,” will be available for free tomorrow on WattPad, so be sure to check it out! And for more exclusive cover reveals, click here