2015 RT Convention Outfits: Elissa

The RT Booklovers Convention is only a few short weeks away! Which means if you're planning on attending the full week of books, babes (yes, we mean you) and shenanigans, you've got some packing to do! With a full schedule of panels, workshops, events — and, of course, parties, one outfit a day may not cut it. So bust out those extra large suitcases, because the RT staff is bringing you their dream outfits for the themed evening events and nighttime parties. We're continuing with some choice outfit selections by Web Editor Elissa Petruzzi!

Taste of Texas Romance Rodeo - Wednesday, May 13th from 9 - 11:55 pm

As a born-and-bred Jersey girl, I do not own cowboy boots. But that doesn't mean I wouldn't like too — especailly some Fryes, which I often salivate over but never purchase. <pets> Am I the kind of person who would pay more than two hundred dollars for ripped jeans? In my imagination I am, anyway. 7 for All Mankind fit like a dream, which is why I haunt my local vintage spot for cast offs. A plaid shirt is perfect to complete the ensemble. High and low end, folks. (Cowboys call people folks, yes?) Some NARS in Russian Red will set me up just right for the kissin' booth. A cute knock-off turqoise necklace completes the look, I like a pop of color. 

Wild, Wild West Steampunk Party - Thursday, May 14th from 9 to 11:55 pm

The beauty of steampunk is that it is what you make of it ... and I'd like to be a funkified Amelia Earhart. (I mean, who wouldn't?) The best place to start things off is with those White House, Black Market leggings everyone wore all winter (which are now, sadly, out of stock!). I feel like they would've been super comfy for Amelia to wear, whether she was flying a plane in our timeline or a zepellin in some alternate universe where she lands just fine, thankyewverymuch. Let's indulge once more in a pair of Frye boots, because why not? Amelia would surely have a kick ass leather jacket and some goggles, right? And some gear-inspired religious jewelry is always a good idea for a woman on the go, no matter her timeline. 

RT Book Reviews Awards Ceremony, Winners’ Reception & After Party - Friday, May 15 - 7:00 to 11:55 pm

The awards ceremony is everyone's chance to shine, so on an unlimited budget I would like to literally sparkle, please. Red-heart Loubitons seem pretty obvious for a conference full of book lovers — and I love being obvious, yes indeed. A basic clutch, as to not take away from the rest of the look, and a pretty gold headband to pull back my sometimes wild mane, and we're in business! My beloved Laura Mercier eyeshadow palette completes the look, and we are ready to dance the night away! 

Heather Graham's Lone Star Supernatural State - Saturday, May 16 - 8:30 to 11:55 pm

This party is always a hoot and a half, so it's definitely the night to have fun with your clothes as well! How better to show off your cheeky side than with a killer snakeprint dress and faux furry vest — the better to greet your favorite werewolf. Some evil eye earrings and a throwing star cuff just seem like a good idea, to ward off whatever nefarious spirits might be lurking. Some killer booties (I have a problem with expensive footwear, never fear, this is all in my imagination) and a nice dark lipstick and those vampires better watch out!

You can find all of Elissa's outfit details here. What are you wearing to all of the great parties at the RT Convention this year? Don't forget to check out the agenda and plan your RT schedule! And you can find more outfit inspiration from our editors here.