2015 RT Convention: Social Media Dos and Don'ts For Authors

We're having tons of fun in Dallas at the RT Convention — and learning a lot, too! Yesterday we headed to "How to Make Publishing Your B*itch — Without Becoming One," run by friends and authors Tara Sivec and Debra Anastasia. The indie authors, who both got their start in Twlight fan fic, walked us through the fun and sometimes terrifying social media landscape. We all left with a bunch of helpful tips! Here are a few of the highlights:

1. Pick the hill you're willing to die on. If you're going to take a stand on social media, the ladies recommend really thinking through your ideals. It's great to stand up for what you believe in, but make sure you're ready to stand by your cause, take negativity if its thrown around and not change your mind in a few days. The Internet is forever, so choose your battles wisely.

EXAMPLE: Tiaras are acceptable head gear for any and all dinner parties. Even barbecues. WE ARE NOT WRONG.

2. Imagine you work in corporate America, then post. Tara, who used to work in a more traditional business environment, said that before she posts, she imagines herself back at her old job, standing up and announcing to her coworkers whatever she's about to post. It's a great strategy, because everyone is on the Internet. Think about what you'd want to tell to the world.

EXAMPLE: We keep picking up books we can't resist, and we're pretty sure we're going to have to get a new suitcase for the flight home. Sorry, airline!

3. You're always smarter in the future. If, despite your best efforts, you end up in a social media embruglio, the ladies had some tips, one of which was: take a minute. Take a day! Think through the long-term consquences of your response and how it's going to play out in the long term. 

EXAMPLE: <crickets> We're waiting this one out. 

Check back here all week for more RT Convention coverage. If you missed some con coverage we've got it all right here