Why Motorcycle Clubs are Like High School: Katie McGarry Shares

You love YA. You love MCs. Great news for you: Katie McGarry, whose darker YA contemporary romances you may have already loved, is writing a new YA MC series. We know. RT Top Pick! Nowhere But Here is out now, and it is great. To get you in the mood, we got Katie to tell us the five ways motorcycle clubs are most like high school. She gamely played along!

1. Your get a nickname that’s chosen for you.

HS: I’m not even going to begin to explain the nicknames my guy friends made up to make me blush in high school. 

MC: In the motorcycle club I hung out with to research Nowhere But Here, once someone officially became a member, a road name was given to them. This was picked out by the club and the meaning behind the name often caused people to laugh.

2. If you hit someone, there are consequences.

HS: I remember once in high school there were two boys with fists flying. One was so angry he threw a desk and it missed me by an inch. Both boys were suspended. 

MC: One of the rules I found most interesting in the MC was that there was no fighting allowed within the club.

3. Everyone starts at the bottom with the chance to work your way up.

HS: As a freshman, you’re at the bottom. I remember there was a banquet and the freshman went through the line dead last. Guess how much food was left.

MC: If someone wants to join the club, they start off as a prospect. During this time, a person is figuring out if the club is for them and the club is also deciding if that person is a good fit for membership. The prospects have to serve their time at the bottom and eventually, hopefully, they work their way up to full membership.

4. Boys can be a tad possessive over their mode of transportation.

HS: I had a blind date once with a guy who I’d bet hadn’t showered, but he had washed his vehicle. He absolutely LOVED his baby—and I don’t mean me, I mean his truck.

MC: One night at the bikers’ clubhouse, it began to rain. The doors to the clubhouse were thrown open, and they drove their motorcycles in. There was no longer room to walk, but that didn’t matter as long as the bikes were sheltered from the rain.

5. Girls have a thing for the bad boy.

HS & MC: Yes, I had a crush on the bad boy in high school and growing up, I’ve discovered my heart still skips a beat when I see a guy with a black leather jacket and tattoos. I was in heaven when I was at the clubhouse researching Nowhere But Here

There you have it! You can experience both high school and motorcycle clubs by reading Nowhere But Here  — which is out now, in stores and online. For more YA visit our Everything Young Adult page.