Younger Finale Recap: S1.E.12 "The Old Ma'am and the C"

It’s the Younger season finale! But do not fret, because our favorite age-defying dramedy has already been picked up for season two, beginning in January. Last week, Liza told Josh the truth about her age and Josh bolted. To the tape!

Liza and Debi are coming down after doing drugs at Lauren’s hot mitzvah. Liza goes to find Josh, who ran out after she told him her real age. He’s at a bar, drowning his sorrows. Liza apologizes and tells him everything: about her divorce, Caitlyn. Josh is not into it. He never wants to see her again, and leaves her with the parting shot, “Have a nice fraudulent life.” Sniff. But also I feel like this is what really would happen, so points for that.

Talk about age defying. Love you forever, Johnny!

At work there’s big news: Ellen Degeneres is writing another memoir, and she’s letting their publishing house make the first bid in the pending auction. Everyone is super excited. Diana notices that Liza’s eyes are red and utters the trailer-worthy line, “There’s no crying in publishing.”

Dawson cries
DAWSON! We said NO crying. Get it together, man.

Liza tells Hilary that she and Josh broke up, that she still loves him but she doesn’t want to go into the details. Diana’s at lunch and forgot her wallet, so Liza has to run it over to her. Only Diana’s lunch is with Martha Plimpton who 1. I LOVE 2. knows Liza from her former life — apparently Liza worked with her 14 years ago at a different publishing house. Liza tries to beat a hasty retreat, but crashes into a waiter, who spills his food all over Martha.

They fake us out when Diana returns from lunch, interrupting Liza’s expository phone call to tell Liza they need to talk. Only it’s the expensive, non-dry cleanable sweater Martha was wearing that’s on Diana’s mind. Diana says they’ll expense it — Martha only wanted intel on the Ellen deal, anyway.

Martha calls Liza at work and asks, What the hell is going on?

This is where my husband would yell TWIST, but he was reading.

Liza and Martha have drinks, and Liza spills. Martha blackmails Liza into giving her intel on the Ellen deal. Martha is an expert at sipping at a martini menacingly. All the hearts. She leaves with a parting shot in the mommy wars: She tells Liza she has two kids and never stopped working: “That’s what nannies are for.”

Liza and Debi have drinks, and while Debi offers to handle Martha (seriously, so many fabulous, famous women on this show), Liza thinks the writing is on the wall. It’s time to call it. Debi says to just tell Martha what she wants to know.

Hilary and Lauren go to see Josh’s band play, so that they can yell at him for dumping Liza. HA x 1,000,000. This is totally something you do in your twenties. Josh is a class act and doesn’t rat Liza out. He also tells Lauren not to drug her friends. THANK YOU, JOSH.

At work, Liza is scaring up the numbers she needs for Martha. LIZA THIS IS NOT GOING TO END WELL. Hilary gives Liza a lovely pep talk about how she should let Josh see her true self. Then Hilary promises to send Liza the info she needs to steal. NOT GOOD. Martha emails Liza, pushing her to get all the info. Liza replies and I’m like this is the worst idea have you never heard of a paper trail …

... but our girl Liza hands over the print outs of the email to Martha and threatens to leak them to Gawker if Martha says anything. Liza will be out a crappy assistant job — but Martha will lose her entire fancy career and paycheck.

Liza goes to Josh’s to drop off a flash drive, and his roommate hilariously calls her ma’am. It’s a photo roll of her whole life: from childhood, to parenthood, to lots of cute snaps of her and Josh.

There are so many GIFs of this man crying.

Liza’s on the phone with Caitlyn, who’s coming home and staying with Liza and Debi in Brooklyn. Like, how’s that going to work? Won't Hilary and Lauren find out? IDK, you guys. Let’s get distracted by this plot wrinkle by the fact that JOSH SHOWS UP. She asks for a new beginning, and reintroduces herself, with all the facts. Josh takes her hand. And asks her to coffee.

Michelle Tanner cries.
Parting is such sweet sorrow, huh, Michelle?

And that's a wrap! What did you think of the first season of Younger? Can you believe Josh took Liza back? That anyone ever believed Liza was 26 to begin with? WE KNOW. As we wait for January's episodes, you can catch up with all of our recaps here

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