Allison Brennan Counts Down Lucy Kincaid's Best Moments

It's finally here! In celebration of the much anticipated release of Best Laid Plans, the newest edition to the Lucy Kincaid novels, author Allison Brennan takes us on a journey through Lucy's greatest moments.

5. In the Beginning ... I asked my readers on Facebook what they felt was Lucy’s greatest moment, and several mentioned a pivotal scene from Fear No Evil. Seven story years before Lucy’s series began, she was kidnapped and raped. Her brothers Dillon and Jack, along with rogue FBI agent Kate Donovan, rescued her but her attacker, Trask, got away. When Trask threatened to kill Dillon, Lucy shot and killed him in cold blood. This event foreshadowed Lucy’s greatest strength and her deepest fears and really set the stage for her to star in her own series.

4. Trust and Betrayal ... All Lucy wanted was to earn her spot in the FBI on her own merits. The cards were stacked against her, and she learned in Stalked that her mentor and trusted advisor Hans Vigo had pulled strings to get her admitted to Quantico, even after two hiring panels rejected her application. She almost quit. She wanted to succeed—or fail—on her own. But after solving the crime, saving a life and stopping a psychopath, she knew exactly what she was supposed to do with her life.

3. Love Conquers All ... In Kiss Me, Kill Me, book two, Sean tells Lucy he loves her ... but she freezes. Though she believes she’s dealt with the tragedy of her kidnapping and rape from seven years before, it still haunts her, and she doesn’t believe that she deserves love — or that she can return love. In book three, If I Should Die, Lucy realizes that love is as much a risk as life, but before she can tell Sean that she loves him, she’s in a small plane crash and Sean is kidnapped. Facing death ... and losing Sean .. forces her to face her fears. She tells Sean, “I never want a day to pass where I don’t tell you how I feel. I love you, Sean Rogan.”

2. Doing the Right Thing ... In Dead Heat, Lucy is faced with a difficult choice: obey orders or violate FBI protocol and international law in order to rescue a kidnapped DEA agent and a small group of orphaned boys? Brad, the DEA agent she rescued, said to Lucy, “I see it in your eyes. Guilt. Because of the story. No guilt. Ranger told me about the boys. Remember, there are more people who need our help. And sometimes, rules get in the way.”

1. Endings and Beginnings ... To date, Lucy’s greatest moment comes at the end of Best Laid Plans ... wait, I can’t tell you that yet! But trust me, when you get to the last chapter, you’ll agree that it is the high point of Lucy’s life. At least for now ...

Best Laid Plans is available now, in digital and print. Buy it now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, or Kobo. In the meantime, why not check out some more mysterious tales on our Everything Mystery page?