Author on Author: Susan Andersen and Maisey Yates Talk Shop

What do authors talk about when they're alone? Why, their books of course! Today we're eavesdropping on Susan Andersen and Maisey Yates while they talk about their new releases, Running Wild and Bad News Cowboy

MAISEY: So, Susan, your new release, Running Wild, sounds great. Mags sounds awesome! I love a heroine who kind of sweeps in and disrupts the hero’s life, which it sounds like she does to Finn. Can you tell us more about the book?

SUSAN: Maisey, you so nailed it. In Running Wild, Finn Kavanagh arrives in the little South American country of El Tigre ready to hike the Andes and maybe see some of the Amazon while he figures out his personal life. The last thing he expects is to see the blonde he’d been eyeing in a cantina being man-handled out on the street. Of course he intercedes. And the next thing he knows he’s dodging drug cartel enforcers as he accompanies Magdalene Deluca, a determinedly independent street performer/makeup artist, on her quest to locate the cartel grow farm where her parents are being held.

But enough about me. Lets talk about your Jack.  I just luuuuuuvs me a bad boy! And when you throw in the bad boy falling for a friend’s sister? Oh, mama. That’s like winning the daily double. Please, please. Tell me more about this Bad News Cowboy.

MAISEY: Well, Kate isn’t on the run from any cartels, but she certainly causes Jack a lot of trouble. Mostly because, as much of a bad boy as he is, he does have his lines in the sand … and one of those lines is definitely: Don’t defile your best friends' virginal younger sister. But when Kate asks for help honing her flirting skills he agrees, and pretty soon their lessons get a little more *cough cough* intimate. I can never get enough of the bad boy with the good girl, especially when the good girl is tough as nails and challenges him at every turn. 

It sounds like there’s a LOT of conflict in Running Wild. How do you balance romantic conflict with external plot? Or is that something that comes easily to you? 

SUSAN: At heart the push me/pull me that exists between the sexes is my jam. I enjoy mixing suspense in, but mainly I use it to drive the romance. And as happens in most of my books, family plays a role, whether it's the one my hero/heroine are born into or the tribe they build when their blood families aren't all they could be. Finn is from a big Irish-American family and that both fascinates Mags and provokes envy. She’s an only child, and one moreover who feels her missionary parents sent her away so they’d have more time to minister to other people’s children.

But you know more than a little something about writing families, yourself. Kate Garret’s brothers Eli and Conner each have their own book—and I bet they show up in Bad News Cowboy as well, am I right? Tell me about the role family plays in your books.

MAISEY: Family, and specifically the dynamic between siblings is something I love writing. I don’t come from a big family, but I have a younger brother and since it’s just the two of us we’ve always been close, so I know something about how you can love — and want to strangle —  your sibling even in the same moment. I also like how your brother or sister can immediately make you revert to the most immature version of yourself. Basically, I love writing scenes where they insult each other in one breath, then give great advice in the next. 

And hey, when you have a close-knit family you have great built in sequel bait. I know as a reader I love the reward of getting stories for characters I’ve seen bits and pieces of in other books, and as a writer it feels like a reward to finally get to work on a long awaited character too. Does it work that way for you?

SUSAN: Does it ever! One of the reasons I’m so excited about Running Wild is because I’ve wanted to write Finn’s story forever. He featured quite prominently in the first book of my Sisterhood Diaries Trilogy and showed up again in the third and I have a bundle of mail from readers wanting to know when they’ll get his story. You know how it goes, though — sometimes stuff just gets in the way of writing a certain book at a certain time. I’m so happy to report the time is finally right for Running Wild.

Thanks so much for letting us in on your conversation, ladies! Susan's Running Wild and Maisey's Bad News Cowboy are both out now. You can pick up your copy of Running Wild on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBooks, or find it in your neighborhood bookstore on IndieBound. Bad News Cowboy is also available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBooks and IndieBound. And for modern-day love stories, why not visit our Everything Romance page?