Author Q&A: Ted Dekker Talks A.D. 30 & 33

Get ready to travel through time with Ted Dekker's two upcoming inspirational historicals. We meet the outcast Maviah in the desert in A.D. 30, out tomorrow, then follow her religious journey through A.D. 33, out October 6. Ted truly spins an incredible story, so we are excited that he agreed to tell us more about his inspiration. Let's see what Ted has to say!

What made you depart from your usual dark thrillers to write historical novels? 

Ted: All of my novels trace a journey out of darkness into love, hope and light. The story of Maviah, a Bedouin Slave destined to be a queen, is no different, it’s just set in the true story of Yeshua who leads her into a new way of being in the world. As such, A.D. 30 and A.D. 33 are a culmination of many other novels.

What research did you do to prepare for A.D. 30

Ted: To start with, I’ve studied the life of Yeshua my whole life. A.D. 30 required six solid months of research and contemplation before laying down one word in the first draft. It was at once daunting and exhilarating because what I discovered turned my own world upside down.

Did you feel any anxiety in writing about Jesus in this novel? Were you worried about portraying Him correctly?

Ted: No, because I placed no new words of teaching in his mouth, only those from the record we already have, verbatim. A.D. 30 and A.D. 33 is Maviah’s story and Yeshua is only in the A.D. 30 for about 35 pages, but in that short time everything changes. The meaning of his teachings as interpreted by the characters is eye opening, as is his demeanor and his love. It’s in our actual meeting of him in the story with Maviah that our own lives are impacted.

Was the experience writing this book different from writing the others? 

Ted: All of my stories are personal journeys out of darkness into light and love. As such they are all love stories, but none can compare to the love I discovered in this man, Yeshua. It was a new kind of transformational journey for me. In the end it brought me to what I am calling The Forgotten Way of Yeshua… Forgotten because we forget every day, every hour, the staggering truth of his teachings. There is more to come on The Forgotten Way, beyond the world of fiction.

How have your fans responded to this book as it is so different from your previous novels?

Ted: Actually, it’s sold significantly more than my previous few novels, and is my highest rated and reviewed novel on Amazon. I’m sure some prefer my nail-biting thrillers, but others prefer this kind of thriller. They will see some of both from me in the future.

What can fans expect from you next? 

Ted: I’m wiring on several projects now, all of which are still in hiding. But be sure, I’m utterly fascinated with love. It’s really all I will ever write about—love in the darkest places where we discover that darkness is only a shadow.

A.D. 30 is available tomorrow in digital and in print. Buy a copy: Amazon | B&N | Kobo | iBooks | IndieBound. When you need to know what happens next (we know you will), look for A.D. 33, out October 6. And for more inspirational stories, why not visit our Everything Inspirational page?