Cover Breakdown: Opportunity Knocks by Alison Sweeney

If anyone deserves a dramatic cover, it's surely Sami Brady. Alison Sweeney has another novel coming out soon, and she must have something on her cover artists, because the image for Opporunity Knocks is insanly attention grabbing. To the blurb! 

Alex Cleary lands a dream job doing make-up for Hillary P. — a culinary star with a million-dollar lifestyle empire and reputation for being very challenging. It's a once-in-a-lifetime chance and provides a steady paycheck.

But when Alex inadvertently violates the confidentiality clause of her contract, her dream opportunity turns to dust: She's on the hook for a million bucks--unless she can squash the problem within 72 hours. With help from a Hollywood heartthrob, Alex concocts an elaborate scheme that just might get her off the hook. But everything will have to run precisely to plan, and the clock is already ticking.

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Opportunity Knocks will hit stores April 5, 2016. In the meantime, check out even more of our cover breakdowns here.