Oh, hello there. Are you a J.R. Ward fan? Would you like a signed copy of her new release, Blood Kiss, which launches the spin-off of her Black Dagger Brotherhood series? You would? We then we've got a giveaway for you! Just scroll on down to enter, after you hear from the lady herself about her new series, why she decided to write and why she is so awesome. (Okay, we didn't ask her that. We assume it's unquantifiable.)

Tell us about your decision to start a spin-off series, Black Dagger Legacy. How did you decide which hero and heroine to feature first?

Well, I don’t actually decide anything. People just step forward and take the stage, and I go, huh, okay, guess you’re up! Paradise and Craeg are a terrific pair, and their love story unfolds in a really vivid and exciting way. They were the perfect way to open this new series which is very much a part of the Black Dagger Brotherhood world, but also shows a new angle to the original Brothers, their mates and their households.

Paradise is a female warrior in Blood Kiss. Tell us about that, and the challenges she faces. Why did you decide to write that plotline?

Again, I don’t make choices about people or plots. It all happens as it wants to? But I thought it was really gripping to watch this female from such a sheltered background break free of the societal constraints she’s been raised under and find herself in a powerful way. Also, she and Craeg have a grand love story as well!

You have an amazing fan base, who truly love your books (like us!). What do you think drew everyone to your stories?  Do you have a best fan story?

Aw, thank you – and it’s still a little bit of mystery to me why these books work so well with people. I think maybe it’s the connections among the Brothers, their loyalty to each other, their goofy sides, their code of honor, how they treat their females, that make them so attractive.  Well, that and their leather pants...  And OMG this one woman came to a signing in active labor! She was in a wheelchair, rubbing her stomach and grimacing! I freaked out, and in my usual, classy way was like WTF are you doing here???? I signed her book and off she went – at the next signing, she brought with her the most beautiful baby. It was crazy, and definitely my most memorable reader story. 

This year you’ve started a spin-off series and we got a contemporary romance from you! What can we expect next? What new projects are on the horizon?

Right now, I’m at capacity and then some! Writing the BDB books, the BDB Legacy books, and the Bourbon Kings series is taking up all my time, and I’m so grateful for the work. I’m just in production with THE BEAST, which is the big BDB hardcover for Spring 2016, and then I’ll begin drafting ANGELS’ SHARE, the next in the Bourbon Kings saga, on January 1.

Anything you’d like to add? 

Just thank you so much to Romantic Times and my readers! I’m so lucky I get to do this for a living, and I’m really grateful for everyone’s support!

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Blood Kiss is available today! You can get your copy here: Amazon | B&N | Kobo | iBooks | All Romance | IndieBound, if you'd like. For more paranormal goodness, why not visit our Everything Paranormal page?