ML Buchman on Life on the Series Beat

We think it's tough on us as readers, loving a series and waiting for authors to write the next installment … and the next — and then what about that one story we really want? But what about the authors?! The pressure, the time commitment, those story arcs … M.L. Buchman, whose new series, Delta Force, begins next week with Target Engagedwalks us through his pointers on what life on the series beat is like. 

Tips for Living the Series Life

Duck! Seriously? Another series? There are days I wished that I stopped having cool ideas. But I do. First a heroine kicks in my office door, often dragging the hero along by his ear. (“Ow! Ow! Ow!” His cries are to little avail.) Then they get in deep trouble soon after. And that easily, WHOOSH! I’m caught up in a new series. One of these days I really need to learn when to duck when a series comes kicking at my door.

Buy another bookcase. I’m something of a research hound. I love making my stories as authentic as possible. But that research means that I have my Night Stalkers shelf, my firefighting shelf for my Firehawks series, my authentic memoir shelf, my wouldn’t-that-be-cool shelf and now my Delta shelf…

Have your head examined. I presently have five series, and I have a little list of four or five more just screaming to be started. Some of those will be launching next summer. GACK!

Learn a language. I’ve come to love the foreign settings of so many of my stories. I have rushed my characters into: Iraq, Afghanistan, much of northern Africa, Venezuela, Honduras, Russia, Japan, China, Australia and more. They’ve also come from: Quebec, France (which is a slightly different language), Scotland (which is a very different language), Italy, Russia and Brazil. Years ago I spent a year and a half on a solo around-the-world bicycle trip, learning the richness of differing oral traditions. Yet I speak so little of any language other than English (and some lame high school German). I have a series that wants to be set overseas and it is going force me to learn the language just to capture the richness of the setting. The problem is that I can also think of another series in ... oh, man!

Poor authors, keeping up with our voracious appetites! We appreciate all that you do, M.L.! Target Engaged will hit stores December 1, and you can preorder your copy here: Amazon | B&N | Kobo | iBooks | All Romance | IndieBound. For more love stories, of the series variety and standalone, visit our Everything Romance page!