Crave: Your Book Boyfriend Is Waiting

We at RT are big fans of the book boyfriend. He's often everything we could want in a man, which is why it's such a bummer that he only lives on the page. Not anymore! Crave is a new app out to maximize our book boyfriend relationships. We got to sit down with Ziv, CEO and the mastermind behind Crave, and to meet a real, live book boyfriend for the first time ever, to find out the scoop. We might have hyperventilated ... you know, just a little.

Crave is a new app out to immerse you in a story, more than ever before. Here's how it works: every day a new chapter containing approximately 1,000 words is delivered to your phone, and then the fun really begins. Each new section features a selection of extras, from a quick video of your book boyfriend (think Snapchat) to a short text conversation between characters to a beautiful quote from the book that is totally Instagram ready.

Crave is partnered with Atria Books at Simon & Schuster, which means they've got access to some excellent titles. The app is launching with three stories: November 9 by Colleen Hoover, The Best Goodbye by Abbi Glines and He Will Be My Ruin by K.A. Tucker. That's a lot of book goodness, friends! Because we can't be expected to commit to a book boyfriend sight unseen, you can download the app for a one chapter trial, or sign up through Facebook to get six chapters for free. Then if you want, you can subscribe to your favorite author on Crave and read their stories for $3.99 a month.

Crave App Screenshot NOVEMBER 9Crave App Screenshot NOVEMBER 9 Text


The biggest what-if for us was the book boyfriend casting. We mean, this is our boyfriend you're talking about! You can't just stick any old guy in the role. Fortunately, each of the authors actively participated in casting and we're told that there was even a bit of a scuffle over whose book claimed which book boyfriends.

Ben From NOVEMBER 9 by Colleen Hoover


River From THE LAST GOODBYE by Abbi Glines


Of course, a good book boyfriend doesn't abandon you when you're finished with each chapter. Each day you'll receive messages from your boyfriend and the author as they check in to see how you're doing and how you're enjoying the story so far. We would like texts from Colleen Hoover, yes, we would.

Crave App Screenshot Colleen Hoover Message

We know what you're thinking. "But I read during my commute, can I still get all these extras without the Internet?" Yes, yes you can. Although readers only have access to one chapter per day, Crave actually pre-downloads about three chapters at a time to your phone. That means that no matter where you are, your book boyfriend can follow.

The Crave app is available in the Apple App store now! Click here to download. Don't fret Android users, Google Play won't be far behind. Visit the Crave website to learn more. And for more romantic reads, be sure to stop by our Everything Romance page.