Exclusive Excerpt: Shayla Black & Lexi Blake's Seduction In Session

SEDUCTION IN SESSION by Shayla Black & Lexi BlakeHappy hump day everyone! We've made it halfway through the work week, which means we all deserve a reward, right? Lucky us, our day got made a bit brighter with an exclusive excerpt from Shayla Black and Lexi Blake's upcoming erotica Seduction in Session, available in January!

When Connor's crew is targeted by an esteemed political journalist, the CIA agent resolves to protect his reputation at any cost. Under fire and fearful for her life, journalist Lara is blissfully unaware of her hot bodyguard Connor's personal agenda. Nothing is what is seems and sparks fly as this sultry tale of forbidden love unfolds...


She nodded and nearly stumbled in her haste to reach the bed. Once she’d decided to obey him, she did it with all the enthusiasm she put into one of her causes. If she felt awkward now, he couldn’t tell. Her breasts bounced as she lay back on the bed and splayed out. “I’ve always wanted to know what this felt like.”

How could she make him laugh in the middle of something that felt so fucking serious? Or incite that twinge in his chest when he realized no man had ever given this pleasure. There was zero artifice in the way she acted. She wasn’t trying to seduce secrets out of him. She wasn’t trying to gain the upper hand. She simply wanted him to make her come again, to make her scream, and she would enthusiastically comply with his every order to get it.

“Touch yourself. Stroke your pussy.” He had to be very specific.

“I’ve done that before,” she said, blushing. She shook her head, but her hand trailed down her body and she gently worked two fingers over her labia.

He dropped to his knees, putting those wet, swollen folds right at eye level. Her pink-tipped fingers were already glistening with her own arousal. He’d done that to her, gotten her wet and creamy. “No man has ever eaten your pussy? Keep stroking yourself.”

Transfixed, he watched her fingers glide over her flesh.

Her voice was deeper than normal, a little husky. “Tom never wanted oral sex.”

“So clinical,” he tsked. “You won’t get what you want until you ask for it properly.”

“Please give me oral sex.”

“Are you kidding me?”

“Please put your mouth there. On me. On my pussy.” She was awfully cute when she fumbled. And she definitely sounded a bit breathless. “Yes, I would like you to put your mouth on my pussy and then move your tongue all around. Kiki talks about how nice it feels but only when she’s had too much to drink.”

“The correct term is eating pussy. That’s what I’m going to do to you. Spread your labia for me. Tell me why Tom wouldn’t want to taste this sweet pussy.” He could smell her arousal, musky and pure.

“He said it wasn’t natural.”

“The hell it isn’t.” Connor leaned forward, gently grasping her wrist and bringing her fingers to his lips. With her eyes on him, he sucked her cream-coated fingers into his mouth and licked off every last bit of her essence. “He’s a fucking idiot. You taste so damn good, and I’ll show you just how nice it feels to have the big bad wolf make a meal of you.”

He leaned forward and ran his tongue right over her clit. She gasped and nearly came off the bed.

Connor stopped. “Be still or I’ll tie you down and bring you to the edge over and over again, then I’ll give you nothing.”

She went completely still. “That sounds horrible. But the other part felt even better than Kiki said.”

“And no more mentioning Kiki or anyone else now. You and me and no one else in the entire world. Am I clear?”

 “Yes.” Her body was still, but he could feel her effort in her fine trembling.

“Who’s going to fuck you?” He liked hearing his name on her lips.

“Connor. My Connor.”

That did more for him than he liked to admit. “Only me.”

He’d never given a crap about where a lover was going after he’d finished with her. During college, he and Dax had shared women on many a night. There were women at Yale who had made a game out of bagging all six of them. Connor had just shrugged and taken his turn.

The thought of anyone else touching Lara Armstrong made him crazy. Something primal inside him had taken one look at her and decided she belonged to him—and his higher-functioning brain could go to hell.

He lowered his head to her pussy and devoured her. He licked and sucked and gave her a light scrape of his teeth. All the while she whimpered and cried out, each moan going straight to his dick. He reveled in every bit of her as he pulled back the hood of her clit. That pearl was engorged and desperate, ready to go off at the slightest sensation.

“Please. Please, Connor.”

“Please what, princess? Do you remember what I said to you the first day we met? I told you it might make you feel safer if I didn’t make love to you until you begged me. So what do you want me to do? I think I’ll forgo you getting on your knees and I’ll simply accept a very polite request.”

“Please make love to me, Connor.”

“Now go a little dirtier for me.”

“Please, please fuck me.”

“With pleasure, princess.” He sucked her clit between his teeth and was rewarded with a scream that just might have the police storming the condo. She cried out his name as he drew out her pleasure. Her legs shook and spasmed by the time he lifted his head, her whole body flushed and trembling.

She lay there, her eyes half closed, her body utterly spent. She wasn’t thinking about anything now. That was clear. He could do anything he wanted to her. She was his, body and soul, in that moment, and all he’d had to do was give her a few orgasms. This could work. They could work. He could keep and protect her. She never had to know the whole truth.

In fact, maybe she was his reward for all the bad shit that had come before and all the darkness he still had yet to endure.

He fished a foil packet out of his jeans. The minute he’d walked into the condo, he’d known this would happen. He’d prepared. She hadn’t seen him do it, but he’d already moved a box of condoms into her bedside table. He’d saved one because he hadn’t been sure where he would fuck her first. By the time he was done, he would use every surface and room in this place. There wouldn’t be a single inch of this space that wouldn’t remind her of what it felt like to have him inside her.

Seduction in Session will be available in digital and print on January 5, 2016. Preorder a copy: Amazon | B&N | Kobo | iBooks | IndieBound. And if you'd like to check out more Hump Day excerpts, we've got ya covered.