Exclusive Excerpt: Laurelin Paige's First Touch

FIRST TOUCH by Laurelin PaigeWe've made it to the middle of the week and we think that means we are entitled to a reward. Feast your eyes on this super sexy hump day excerpt from Laurelin Paige's upcoming erotica First Touch, available later this month!

Emily's put her party girl ways in the past, but a distressing message from a friend who's gone missing requires her to plunge headfirst into the life she left behind. Soon her search leads her to Reeve, a hot hotelier with a dangerous reputation. Try as she might, Emily can't shake the need to submit ...

When he came into the room a few minutes later, I was sitting on the ottoman with my legs crossed, in only my panties and heels.

“I wasn’t wearing stockings,” I said. “This was the best I could do on short notice.”

He surveyed me as he tossed his jacket on the dresser. “I approve.” He stayed where he was and worked the knot of his tie, unloosening it, his eyes never leaving me. “Take off nothing else. But get yourself ready.”

Shit, this was going to be hard. He was already shredding me to pieces with the way he was looking at me. With the way he’d taken command of the room the moment he walked in. With the way my every cell wanted to fall down at his feet and obey.

How the hell was I supposed to only pretend to submit when that was exactly what I wanted to do?

Disengage, that’s how. Self-denial. It couldn’t be any harder than dieting. I just had to gather my willpower and stay in control.

I pasted on a sexy smile. “I’m guessing teasing is allowed when you ask for it.”

He raised a curious eyebrow and began working the buttons on his shirt. Slowly.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” I spread my legs apart, hooking my ankles around either side of the ottoman. Then, making sure I had his attention—which I did—I licked the tip of my index finger and slipped it under the band of my panties.

His face remained stoic, but as his eyes slid down my body, they darkened and sparked. Was that even possible?

His shirt open now, he moved to undo first one cuff than the other. “Tell me what you want, Emily.”

“Besides everything I told you downstairs?” The strip routine was killing me. Thank God for the masking of my panties. It hid that I wasn’t actually rubbing my clit. There wasn’t anyway I could watch him while touching myself and not explode.

He eyed me predatorily as he removed his shirt and set it on top of his jacket. “No. Here. Now. From me. What do you want?”


“More specific.”

“Your cock.” I knew these lines. They were the ones every man wanted to hear. “I want your cock.”

He moved to his belt now, undoing the buckle with deliberate care. “Too vague. What do you want me to do to you? Tell me.”

Anxiety fluttered in my chest. “I want whatever you want.” But my voice sounded meek. Tentative.

Reeve pulled his belt from his pants and flicked it with frustration. “Stop pandering.”

I jumped at the snap of the belt, at the snap of his tone. I’d already dropped the façade of playing with myself. Now I dropped the sugar in my tone as well. “I’m not pandering. I’m trying to do what you want. You’re the director. Remember?”

He smiled tightly. “And right now your director wants you to tell him what you want. In detail.”

I stared, wide-eyed. Nothing was coming to mind except the truth and saying that would make me too vulnerable. Too exposed. I needed another answer. Anything.

The silence dragged out too long.

“If you can’t say it, then this doesn’t need to happen.” He turned his back to me, walking away as he spoke. “The car key is on the counter.  You can let yourself—”

I bolted up. “I want you to fuck me!” The words tumbled out. “Hard.”

Reeve spun back to me. “Where? In your mouth, in your cunt?”

“There.” I shook my head, erasing my last response, knowing he’d want a more definitive answer. “My cunt.”

“On the bed?”

“No. Against the window. From behind. I want you to strip me and press me hard to the glass. So it will feel like anyone can see. And anyone who does will know that I’m special because I’m the one you’re fucking.”

He crossed to me in four strides. Gripping my upper arms, he pushed me back against the window. “And you don’t want me to be gentle. You want me to fuck you rough. You want me to leave you raw so that tomorrow you won’t be able to forget for one second that I was in you tonight.”

Yes. That. Yes. I nodded.

“Say it,” he demanded.

“I don’t want you to be gentle. I want it rough and raw. I won’t forget that you were in me tonight.” God, saying the words—the words that said what I really truly wanted from him—it did something to me. Made me even more aroused.

He knew that, I was sure. That man, I swear he could see inside my mind. Inside my soul. Knew just what it would take to make me come undone.

His grip on me loosened. “Take out my cock, Emily.”

My hands shook as I undid the button and slid down the zipper to his pants. Then I drew in a sharp breath, surprised to find he wasn’t wearing anything underneath. He was, exactly as I’d thought from our first time together, well hung.

Despite my promise to myself to remain detached, I was desperate to touch him. I had to do it anyway. He’d expect it. I closed my grip around his hard, thick length and stroked him. My eyes darted back and forth from my hand to his face. I couldn’t decide what I liked looking at more—his steel erection or his heated expression. So many times, the enjoyment I got from pumping a man was the power it gave me, and there was this, too, with Reeve. But even more predominant was the anticipation of what that expression said this man planned to do to me. Of what his hot shaft of flesh would feel like inside of me.

No. I didn’t care about that. It was inevitable, but I couldn’t look forward to it. I could not.

First Touch will be available in digital and print on December 29. Preorder a copy: Amazon | B&N | Kobo | All Romance | IndieBound. And if you'd like to check out more Hump Day excerpts, we've got ya covered.