Exclusive Excerpt: Candi Wall's Fly Me Home

We're starting 2016 with a bang thanks to a super hot excerpt from Candi Wall's Fly Me Home, available this month.

It begins as a business deal, but becomes so much more. Iconic fashion critic Ian is looking for a pretty face to get the media off his back, but he gets more than he bargained for when he brings small-town, Southern girl Elizabeth into his bed. Lust gives way to love as Ian introduces Elizabeth to a world full of scintillating possibilities ... 

Ian waited for her to respond.

Elizabeth was a murky mix of control freak and reluctant risk-taker he found intriguing and frustrating at once. She’d admitted to wanting him when she thought he was gay. Now, she stared at him uncertainly. “We can be anything you want us to be for the next month. No right, no wrong.”

“I think I’m a bit staid by your standards.” The flashes of uncertainty, maybe insecurity, from Elizabeth surprised him. “I’m a homegrown country girl who attended church every Sunday until I was eighteen. My prom date was the preacher’s son. I’ve only been with three men in my entire life, one of whom, the preacher’s son, I dated from eighth to twelfth grade.”

“Really?” Ian couldn’t hold back his shock. That could explain a lot about the difference in her everyday confidence, which he loved, and the slightly uncertain person trembling before him. “Are there still people out there who live up to the hometown, all-about-the-community and stand-by-their-morals shtick?”

“Yes.” She laughed. “We have bake sales, Sunday sermons and apple pies in Gram’s window every other weekend. It’s as real as your rat-infested, brightly lit cesspool of a city.”

“Never would have guessed,” he admitted. “Figured home and hearth was an extinct breed found in fiction novels.”

“Dying breed, New York,” she corrected, her gaze sad. “But still there if you have the right community.”

“Sounds wonderful and frighteningly boring at the same time,” he responded carefully. Her life, where she came from, intrigued him. “This may sound a bit crass, but if you’ve only been with three —” He stopped and watched her reaction. “Really? Three?”

That was unheard of in his world. She nodded, her gaze open and honest.

“Okay, then I have to ask.” Choosing his words cautiously, he eased into the question. He had to know what he was dealing with. “Did anything beyond standard sex happen? Did any of them bring you to a real, spine-splitting orgasm that made you yell and pant and cry out because you couldn’t hold it back?”

Her cheeks and neck flushed an alluring shade of pink. She shook her head in answer. Her lack of experience, and all the delectable sexual treats he could show her, rushed a gallon of blood straight to his cock. “Wow. Okay. I started with a woman my dad didn’t want. She figured his fourteen-year-old horny kid was great revenge. From there it was all the women my name and status could offer. I’ve been surrounded by jaded, experienced partners my entire life. This is going to be tough.”

She looked away. “Sorry.”

“Wait. Don’t go there.” Shit, she’d taken the comment all wrong. “This is tough because everything about you makes me want you. It’s going to be hard keeping my—friend—in check.” He waved to his cock and the tent it was starting to create against his robe. “I don’t want to scare you off.”

She looked where he’d indicated and sucked in a harsh breath, her gaze making him harder by the second. Licking her lips, she took a long, slow swallow of her wine. Setting the glass aside, she eased forward. “Just a kiss?”

“Unless you ask for more,” he acknowledged. Ian forced himself to relax. She was so skittish, he could ruin a good thing before it even started. “You’re doing me a huge favor. I won’t have to deal with half the media I usually do since we’ll have a quick story to toss at them. There’s no way I’m going to ruin that. As much as I want you in my bed, I’m willing to go without, or go at your pace, to make sure we maintain a beneficial plan for both of us. But, I’ll be honest. Knowing where you come from, where you started, my horny side is screaming at me to show you some sinful ropes. There are any number of sexual fantasies a person can have. I plan to start with a kiss, take you around the world, ply you with rich clothes, and respond to any sexual wish or curiosity you may have.”

“Any?” The single word held a bit more confidence.

“Name it, and it’s yours,” he said.

Like her transformation from elegant lady to goddess in his robe, she changed before his eyes. Her gaze met his as she shifted close to straddle him. “We’ll start with a kiss.”

Her hands traveled up his chest, and he cursed the fabric between his skin and her touch. Gripping the armrests, he forced himself to wait. When she settled over him, he dared a look between them. Her position held her robe open, exposing a glimpse of her inner thighs to his gaze. Under any other circumstance, he’d be touching everything within reach, and his fingers flexed into the soft leather chair. She wasn’t anywhere near ready for what he’d like to do to her. What he needed was a chaste, sweet kiss from a woman who didn’t know what she’d been missing. That would help clear his mind. He hoped.

Closing his eyes, he forced himself to relax. “Elizabeth, I really need you to kiss me right now.”

Liz was shaking with need. Ian spoke so openly, she had a hard time processing what he wanted and what she needed. Throw in that whatever they did from here out could fuck up a stellar situation, and she was a mess. The more he talked about showing her what she’d known she was missing, the more she wanted it. She wasn’t stupid. Hell, there were Internet articles, Cosmo, and her friends’ lives all telling her she was missing something. Her sexuality had never really been a huge concern because, well hell, she was a prude in the grand scheme of things.

Now she had an experienced, gorgeous man beneath her. He wanted a kiss and anything she was willing to give. His cock was hard for her, and her body was wet for him. They were flying to another country, lost in space for the time being. And all he was asking for was a kiss…

She leaned forward and pressed her lips to his. She’d been kissed before, but she’d rarely initiated the kissing. Refusing the insecurity trying to force its way in, she pressed light kisses to Ian’s lips until he opened, his tongue snaking out to caress her lips. Deepening the kiss, she forced inhibitions aside. She’d boarded a plane with a strange man and was on her way around the world. Screw what she’d always thought were ladylike actions, or decorum drilled into her head by family, church and a mom-and-pop community. She’d bit the bullet. Now it was time to taste the blast.

If she was going to color outside the lines, she was going to reap the benefits. Leaning in closer, she trailed her lips along his jaw. “I’m thinking I like your terms. How ’bout we start with one of those orgasms you mentioned?”

“That would require me touching you.” He groaned. “Permission?”

“Granted,” she answered, adjusting her legs and hips so she sat more flush against his cock.

“Before you get too comfortable, we’ll need protection.”

One hand snaked around her neck, and he pulled her in close for a scorching kiss. In the next moment, he had her standing, and was backing her up, his lips never leaving hers. Her back bumped a hard surface, but he didn’t let up. He sucked and nibbled at her lips as he fumbled through a drawer. She broke away and laughed. “This might be easier if I wait over there.”

He kissed her in response and guided her back toward the chair. When he sat again, pulling her down with him, she went willingly, somewhat relieved that he hadn’t taken her up on her suggestion. Keeping the heat going helped her stay in the moment. If she had any time to really think about what she was doing, she’d probably change her mind.

When his hands pulled her robe tie free, she laughed at her previous thought. Who was she kidding? She wanted this. Bad.

Ian shifted until there was a little space between them. “I want you to put the condom on for me. I’m going to give you exactly what you asked for, but the only way we’ll get you there is if you’re an active participant.”

She took the foil package, trying to hide the way her fingers shook. “What do you mean?”

He slid his hands up her inner thighs and held her close as he shifted his hips. “Desire isn’t a one-person job. You have to touch, taste and take what you want. Denying yourself makes it that much harder to enjoy what’s being offered.”

Liz bit her lip and tore the wrapper open. Reaching for the tie to his robe, she pulled it free slowly, anticipating what his body would look like, how it would feel to touch him. There wasn’t even a hint of shyness in his gaze when she pushed the fabric aside. With good reason. He was sculpted, his trim waist arrowed down to the swollen erection trapped beneath her.

The second she started rolling the condom over his cock, he slammed his head back against the chair. “Fuck.”

In that instant, she understood what he meant. Watching him find pleasure in her touch, knowing his cock was reacting the way it was because of her, was intoxicating. His throat worked convulsively, the strain of his muscles evident.

She barely noticed his fingers slipping her robe free until her arms were trapped in the soft, thick jumble of layers. She looked at him, and the way his gaze moved over her body sent another rush of heat straight to her center. His eyes were half-mast, his nostrils flared, lips parted. Grabbing her hips, he shifted her until her pussy spread over his cock. Stroking her along his length, he guided and adjusted until she moaned. “Show me what feels the best.”

His grip loosened fractionally, and Liz grabbed the top of the chair. Shifting until she felt the most pleasurable press against her clit, she started rubbing against him. She was on fire instantly, inhibition dissipating as each second passed.

“That’s it,” he encouraged. “Find what you need.”

Riding his cock was amazing. His hands were everywhere, rough then gentle, always guiding her, helping her closer to something more than she’d ever experienced. But it wasn’t enough. She rocked her hips hard and fast but the build began to wane.

Ian pulled her close and kissed her hard, his other hand holding her hip so she couldn’t pull away. When he broke away, he met her gaze. “You need a cock or a tongue.”

The statement made her pussy clench. She nodded, frustrated and excited at once. “Help me.”

“Touch yourself.”

The demand was so foreign she almost refused. Doing it herself was one thing, doing it so someone else could see was—wrong. Before she could think of an excuse not to, he grabbed her hand, sucked her middle finger deep into his mouth and then guided it to her clit. “I’m going to fuck you while you play with yourself. Don’t be shy. Do it however it feels right. Pretend I’m not even here.”

“Yeah right,” she choked.

Then he was lifting her, lowering her onto his cock slowly. For a long moment, feeling the sensual, full press of his cock entering her, she forgot to breathe, let alone touch herself. His hand closed over her wrist. “Don’t stop. You started to shut down. I don’t know why, but you need to let go of everything else right now and just concentrate on us. I could come right now. You’ve got me so wound up, I wish I could bend you over this chair and fuck you from behind until you screamed that it was too much.”

His heated words created a little magic and she pressed her finger against her clit to ease the ache. His hand guided hers until she was rubbing faster, mimicking the upward thrusts of his cock. “That’s it, baby. I can’t tell you how hot it is to watch you touch yourself. It makes your pussy so wet and easy to slide in and out of.”

Dirty talk wasn’t her thing, but Ian had an amazing grasp on keeping-her-in-the-now talk. Knowing how she made him feel was as intoxicating as having his cock deep inside her. It rivaled the pleasure she experienced by touching herself when her sexual encounters from the past would have benefitted from this addition. Wanting to return some of the pleasure she was experiencing, she kissed him. “You feel amazing, Ian.”

“Focus, baby,” he demanded. Then he was reaching between them, moving her hand aside to replace her finger with his thumb. “I think you’re too shy to do it yourself this time. Maybe after I jerk off for you sometime, you’ll feel more comfortable. For now, tell me where it feels the best. I could spend hours trying to find the right spot, but I think you’d like to come sooner than later.”

He was right. She wanted the end game more than he could imagine. Her body was drawn tight, but there was a nagging devil trying to pull her out of the moment, and she didn’t know how to refuse it. He shifted until he was buried deep and held still. Rubbing his thumb over her clit, he stared at her. “Left? Right? Higher? Lower?”

“Lower,” she breathed, unprepared for the shock of his heated touch. He followed her directives and between his cock and his touch, she found herself panting, throwing out directions until she was ready to scream with the frustration of being so close yet so far.

That’s when Ian stopped touching her and placed her hand at her crotch again. “Now you’re ready. You stop touching, I stop fucking.”

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