Shadowhunters Recap: The Mortal Instruments, S1, E1

Shadowhunters premiered on Freeform (formerly known as ABC Family) last night, and I could not tear my eyes away from the screen. Our resident Recap Queen Elissa couldn't be with us today, so I will be filling you in on all the paranormal goodness. 

We all love Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instruments series, and so we were pretty excited to see how the books would translate to our TV screen. Well, I am here to tell you that not a moment of my evening was wasted watching Shadowhunters! If you haven't watched yet, what are you waiting for?! Go watch it right now, I'll wait...

Now that you're all caught up it's time to discuss. 

Clary gets accepted to the Brooklyn Academy of Art on her 18th birthday, go girl! Afterwards, she and Simon have a heart-to-heart as they celebrate. Clary tells Simon that his bandmate is totally in love with him and asks how such a smart guy can miss something so obvious. The look on his face says it all...

Marilyn Monroe: I wanna be loved by you.


Suddenly we're at a crime scene. A man is bent over a young woman's body. There's a flash of electric blue eyes, a declined call and a mention of Clary's birthday. The plot thickens!

Back at home, Clary's mom Jocelyn gives her an ancient family heirloom for her birthday and tells her she has a secret to share. "It's your 18th birthday and everything's going to change for you now." Ooh, do tell!

Suddenly it's 10 years earlier and Jocelyn, a Shadowhunter, discovers that Clary can see demons and brings her to Magnus, who clears her memory. What? No, stop!

MIB Memory Wipe


Meanwhile, Jocelyn and her boyfriend Luke (the detective from the crime scene!) really want to tell Clary about her powers, but the girl just won't listen! Even her friends suggest that her mother is hiding a deep, dark secret, but Clary's not hearing it.

Andy Dwyer: I'm going to tell you all of my secrets.


Back at the Shadowhunters' lair, Jace tells Alec and Isabelle that the demons are killing mundanes and draining their blood. The demons are dangerous shapeshifters and they're not acting alone. They begin to formulate a plan when Isabelle announces that it's more fun to break the rules than follow them. Yes, we've got ourselves a resident bad girl!

While evil plans are brewing, Clary is just trying to support Simon as he sings at a cafe. Everybody's happy until Jace bumps into Clary and is shocked that she can see him. He realizes she has "the sight." They're talking, but Simon can't see him!

Clary becomes determined to get the answers she needs and follows Jace into the nightclub Pandemonium. Little does she know that demons are lurking. Of course, Magnus is in the corner sittin' pretty with plenty of hot girls. Until he sees the buyers of the mundane blood, that is. One encounter with Magnus and they are out of there super fast!


Things are about to go down, so Isabelle does a sexy siren dance to cause a distraction while Jace cozies up to the she-demon peddling mundane blood. Seriously, the woman went from hot chick to serpentine in five seconds flat!

Clary bursts into the back room only to find a fight in full swing. She has her first battle with the Shadowhunters as they obliterate demons, but then she can't take another moment of the weird.

Clary runs for the exit only to bump into Magnus on the way out. He recognizes her, but maybe can't place her? She may have escaped her fate this time, but the mundane blood buyers are onto her — and they're watching.

Lisa Kudrow: I think I know that guy right there!


At home Clary is freaking out, she thinks she was drugged! Her mother promises her that she's not going insane, but that the protections are wearing off and she can't hide the truth any longer. Clary still can't wrap her mind around what her mother is telling her.

OMG, they're here for Jocelyn! She's trying to send Clary away. She promises that Luke will explain everything at the circle.

Clary gets pushed through a portal and lands right at the police station. Meanwhile, Clary's room is aflame! But that doesn't stop Jocelyn from kicking some serious mundane blood buyer ass. They want the mortal cup, but they won't get it so easily.

Lady Gaga: Be strong, be who you are and fight for your identity. Fight for who you really are.


Now we hear about Valentine for the first time. He wanted to cleanse the world of mundanes. Jocelyn thought he was dead and gone, but he's back. In an effort to protect the human race from Valentine's wrath, she takes a swig of some magical elixir so that she can't give up the mortal cup. She crumbles to the floor. Jocelyn, NO!

Demons question Luke about Jocelyn and Clary and he tells them he doesn't care if they're killed. He wants the mortal cup for himself! That better be a lie designed to keep Clary safe!

 You're in big trouble, mister!


Clary overhears, but is able to stay out of sight. Everything she knows seems to be a lie. We just want to give her a hug!

Meanwhile, Valentine is hovering over Jocelyn's body, which is protected by a magical charm. A follower asserts that Jocelyn betrayed the circle and doesn't deserve their respect, but Valentine disagrees and stabs him in the neck!

Poor Clary comes home to a trashed apartment and a missing mother. She's drenched from the rain. Gotta love the dramatic effects here, guys!

Clary's mom's friend Dot breaks the bad news. She begs Clary to remember where she may have seen a golden cup. But it's not Dot! The demon emerges and Clary gets bit, but of course Jace is here to save the day. Totally swooning, you guys. The demon's bite makes Clary sick and she collapses into Jace's arms. "I got you." Yup, and please don't ever let go.

I'll Never Let Go!


Clary has a vision about her mother, only to awaken to Isabelle. Alec thinks she's a mundane and wants her out, but Jace won't hear it. He's too busy explaining to Clary that all the legends are true. I knew it! 

He tells her about the Shadowhunters and tries to explain her role, but she can't focus on any of it. All Clary wants is to find her mother. Clary needs to leave, but first she needs a change of clothes. All they've got is some of Isabelle's leather ensembles.

Of course, girls can always count on the guy best friend to come to the rescue. Simon's tracked her iPhone to a church and he's waiting for Clary outside, but Jace keeps quizzing her on demons, warlocks, anything immortal. Her inability to answer makes her that much more interesting. A guy good waiting while a tattooed bad boy holds Clary's attention? We have achieved love triangle, people!

Jace escorts Clary outside and explains why Simon can't see him. He also insinuates that he knows he's hot.

I'm sexy and I know it!


Of course nothing ever goes smoothly. Another demon tries to attack and Jace swiftly kills the bad guy, avenging his father's death.

Shaken and impatient. Clary demands that Jace "de-glamorize," because Simon is freaking out! He wants to call Luke, but Clary knows they can't trust him.

Jace tells Clary that she's a Shadowhunter, but Simon just wants her to come home with him! He's being the best friend all the way. We don't let our friends go home with strangers, guys!

Unfortunately, Valentine's lackeys are still looking for Clary. Will the human world ever be safe?

That's all for now. Be sure to stop by next Wednesday to get the scoop on episode two!