Hump Day Excerpt: Jill Sorenson's Against The Wall

It may be cold outside, but our office got a lot hotter when this excerpt arrived! Let's all celebrate Hump Day with this super sexy scene from Jill Sorenson's Against The Wall, available February 2.

Eric Hernandez is out of prison and determined to turn his life around. Maybe once he does he'll be able to make things right with Meghan, the preacher's daughter whom he still loves. But things with Meghan are not as perfect as they appear ...

“Do you want to finish the movie?” I ask.

He shrugs and takes a seat on the couch. When I curl up on the opposite end, his eyes skim the length of my legs. Then he frowns and turns his attention to the screen. I start the movie again, but I’m too distracted to follow the story now. All I can think of is him. His tattooed arms flexing in the sun. His mouth covering mine at Chip’s apartment the other day. His heavy weight on top of me.

My nipples pebble against my tank top and heat settles between my legs. I can’t sit still, but I’m afraid to squirm and give myself away. My pulse throbs with every heartbeat. I think I got sunburned at the beach. My mouth is dry, skin warm.

Eric picks up the soda he was drinking earlier, glancing at me with hooded eyes. I suspect that he can sense my desire. 

Maybe even smell it. 

“Can I have some?” I ask huskily. 

He gives me the soda can. I take a gulp and hand it back. Instead of continuing the ruse of watching the movie, we stare at each other. The moment stretches into an eternity. “Do you really want to do this?” 

“Do what?”

“You know what.”

I moisten my lips, hesitant. I’m worried that this is a selfish choice. It could cause a lot of problems for him. I don’t want to risk his future, but I also feel an overwhelming sense of rightness, as if I’m made for him, and we belong together. I can’t bear the thought of him going to another girl again, either.

He’s mine. He always has been.

His gaze falls to my chest and lingers there like a caress. I’m not wearing a bra. Although I don’t speak, my tight, achy nipples scream yes. The last time we kissed, he made the first move. This time I close the distance between us and twine my arms around his neck. I say yes by touching my lips to his. 

He responds by thrusting his hand into my hair and his tongue into my mouth, claiming me with a thorough kiss. He tastes sweet and hot, with a hint of olive oil from the pizza crust on his lips. I want to eat him up. I could spend hours kissing him. We could kiss forever, tongues tangling, breath mingling. But my body aches for closer contact, a deeper connection. I want to be swept away. He pushes me down on the couch and devours me. I wrap my legs around his waist, greedy for more. His hand wanders up my thigh, into the hem of my shorts. I’m trembling underneath him, beside myself with need. 

He breaks the kiss, panting. “This is only for tonight.”

I don’t have to ask why. I know he thinks he’s disrespecting my brother. But one night is better than none, and I’m too far gone to turn back. “Okay,” I say, arching against him. 

A muscle in his jaw tightens. He seems angry with my easy agreement, as if he expected me to demand a commitment. Or maybe he’s angry at the situation, frustrated by the obstacles between us. 
I share his frustration. I want nothing between us. No iron bars, no disapproving family members, no distance, no fabric. I want his skin on my skin, his mouth on my mouth.  

“Please,” I say.  

He examines me with hard eyes. “Didn’t he fuck you good enough?”

The invasive question makes me shiver. I think he’s trying to be insulting by bringing up Chip, but I hold his gaze and answer honestly. “No. He didn’t.” 

“Why not?” 

“He was selfish and impatient. He didn’t care if I was ready.”

“Did he make you come?”


“I will.”

I pull his mouth down on mine again, believing him. He kisses me breathless. His erection nudges my belly and his shoulder muscles bunch beneath my fingertips. I need him inside me. 

We move from the couch to the den. I turn on the bedside lamp to illuminate the space. As soon as I lock the door, he’s all over me again. We fall across the bed together, kissing and touching. I tug at his shirt and he pulls it off. I remove my tank top, breasts jigging. His eyes darken at the sight. He yanks down my shorts and panties without ceremony. Then he gets on top of me, taking my mouth again. 

Everything he does feels so good. Every kiss, every touch. He sweeps a thumb over my nipple and I whimper. He flicks his tongue over it and I cry out in pleasure. I’ve never responded like this before. His mouth moves down my quivering belly and I groan.

Chip didn’t spend much time on foreplay. He seemed hesitant to perform oral sex, as if he found it distasteful. I wasn’t into it, either. I felt vulnerable and uncomfortable with that level of intimacy, so I shied away. 

I don’t shy away from Eric. I’m ready before he gets there, my knees parted wide. He grips the inside of my thighs and kisses the lips of my sex as if I’m some decadent treat. His mouth brushes over me, so sweet. I moan, imagining his tongue on my clit. 

“Please,” I say again. 

“Please what?”

I make a v with my fingertips, showing him what I want. And he gives it to me. His tongue finds me with unerring precision. I revel in the slick warmth and delicious pressure. It feels like he’s making out with my pussy. He dips his tongue inside me and I thread my fingers through his hair, wallowing in sensation. My stomach clenches and my thighs shake. He keeps kissing me, killing me softly. 

When he sucks on my clit, I go over the rainbow. My hips buck off the mattress and the bed falls away into space.
I’m only vaguely aware of him unzipping his pants. I hear the faint crinkle of a condom wrapper. Then he turns me over onto my hands and knees. It’s not the most romantic position, but I don’t care—because he enters me in one smooth stroke, and I’ve never felt anything better. I’m swollen and slippery. He’s hard and thick, buried deep inside me. 

He’s not particularly gentle, and I love it. He fucks me like he’s punishing me for being too sexy. I make incoherent sounds and look over my shoulder at him, mouth open. He grips the back of my neck to hold my head down. When I moan in response, he makes a fist in my hair. Then he really drills me. 

I’m almost ready to come again, incredibly. His hard thrusts and strong grip do something to me I can’t explain. I pant and mewl and clutch the mattress while he fucks me. My pussy floods with moisture, growing slicker and more sensitive. When he slips a hand between my legs and circles my clit with his fingertips, I explode in ecstasy. 

I bury my scream in the pillow, shuddering. He moves his hands to my hips and drives deep inside me. His fingertips dig into my soft flesh. Then he collapses on top of me, sweaty and spent.

After a long moment, he rolls away from me and leaves the room. I hear the shower turn on, so I get up and follow him. The door isn’t locked. He’s inside the stall, water sluicing down his hard body. I can’t gauge his expression. 

He made it clear that we weren’t going to start a relationship. Maybe he came here to avoid me, or because he’s ashamed of his actions. He probably thinks he should have been gentler because of my recent conflict with Chip. But I’m not broken, and I don’t need special handling. I’m not appalled by Eric’s dominant side. 
I liked it.

I liked what he did to me. 

Against The Wall will be available in digital on February 2. Preorder a copy: Amazon | B&N | Kobo | iBooks | All Romance. And if you'd like to check out more hot Hump Day excerpts (who wouldn't?) we've got ya covered.