Men of RT: Christopher Rice

It's Valentine's Week here at RT, and we are feeling the love — more so than usual! We've been talking about the RT Convention for a while now, but this week we want to focus on one very special aspect of the event: the Men of RT! It's takes a special kind of man to not only attend a week-long affair dominated by women, but to make a mark of their very own. Readers, meet the Men of RT! 

Christopher Rice

Today we're talking with Christopher Rice!

Dream author date: Are we talking about a head connection or a mind-body connection? Or both? ‘Cause I’d really love to have a drink with Nora Roberts. But I promise to keep my hands to myself. 
What's your astrological sign? Fried Pisces.
What trope most mirrors your own life? Is “straight for you” a trope?
Christopher and friends at con.
Who wouldn't want to dine with this crew?
How long have you writing? I published my first novel when I was 21. I’m 3_ now so I’ll leave y’all to to do the math, because book people are usually great at math.
Favorite book of all time: No, no, no. This is an impossible question! If you read a lot, every few months it feels like you have a new favorite book of all time. If I have to narrow it down to just one, I’ll pick a book that totally swept me away when I was younger. The Other Side of Midnight by Sidney Sheldon. Sex, revenge, exotic locations. Can we please bring these page-turning sagas back? I just adore them. They can still have HEAs, of course, but sometimes you just need a ton of villains and treachery to make all the love feel earned. Some days I wake up feeling like I don’t want to write anything that couldn’t have been turned into a mini-series in the mid-1980’s.
Give us your best publishing industry anecdote. CEO of major publishing company tours Silicon Valley, returns to New York crowing about how the Internet’s just this vague idea that won’t have much impact on book selling.
That went great. 
Oh, I’m sorry. You said the BEST anecdote! 
You host The Dinner Party Show online. Who's attending your dream dinner party, what are you discussing and eating? I’ll have to answer here for my co-host, New York Times bestselling novelist Eric Shaw Quinn, as well when I say, the ideal dinner party would probably be one where we sat down with the entire cast and writing staff of one of our favorite TV shows, like The Blacklist, which I think hasn’t lost a bit of steam in three seasons, or Downton Abbey.
Christopher Rice at con!
Tell us about your first RT convention. It was like I had passed into an alternate reality where people were actually reading and enjoying books. I loved the social aspect of it. I loved the energy. My first RT took my place in my hometown, New Orleans, so everyone was really excited to be there. And drunk. 
What should a newcomer attending RT know? Pace yourself. If you’re someone who spends a lot of time alone during your regular work week, take steps to bolster your immune system. I spend so much time apart from large groups, I have the immune system of an infant. If there’s anything passing through any crowd, I’ll usually come down with it. And be prepared to ship stuff home. You’ll be like, “I’m a digital book lover so I’d never take …FREE BOOKS OUT OF MY WAY FREE BOOKS GAAAARRRRR FREE!"

We can't wait to see you in Vegas, Christopher! For more on the Men of RT, click here. And for all the convention news you can use, we've also got ya covered.