Exclusive Excerpt: Katee Robert's The Wedding Pact

THE WEDDING PACT by Katee robertWe're celebrating St. Patrick's Day with plenty of Irish-themed reads! Our reading list wouldn't be complete without an exclusive excerpt from Katee Robert's The Wedding Pact, the next installment in the O'Malleys series available next month. Our reviewer called the first book in the series The Marriage Contract, "a compulsively readable book," so naturally we needed to know what would happen next!

James and Carrigan have a complicated history. After a seriously sexy encounter in a night club, James recognizes Carrigan as a member of the O'Malley family, the very family his father Vincent has called to a war. He kidnaps Carrigan, but in the end James can't stand the thought of her being hurt and aids in her escape. Of course, he never expected Carrigan to take a piece of his past as she left. To make matters worse, Carrigan's father announces that he will marry her off to a man of his choosing, giving James one more reason to come to Carrigan's rescue...

Carrigan held his gaze even though all she wanted to do was look away. James wasn’t pretty. He was far too masculine for that. The first time she’d seen him, she’d thought he’d look perfectly at home on the back of a Harley, and that perception hadn’t changed with time. Everything about him screamed danger in a way she wasn’t used to. The men in her family were dangerous—there was no doubt of that—but it was a polished danger. James’s wasn’t. He was gritty and primal and… She really needed to stop. Right now. “I wouldn’t put anything past you at this point.”

“You wound me.”

“You kidnapped me. I’d say we’re nowhere near even.” She leaned back and recrossed her legs. “Why are you stalking me?”

“If you’d remember, you are the one who came to me. I was just sitting here, minding my own business, enjoying a drink.” His cocky grin said otherwise. He’d knew she’d come back—that she wouldn’t be able to resist. The fact he’d read that much in her personality in such a short time set her teeth on edge.

“Enjoy it in a different bar. Hell, in a different city.” She had to get a handle on her attitude. As it was, she was practically waving a giant sign telling him that he got under her skin. There was no reason to hand him over more power than he already had—and he already had too much.

“Now, lovely, don’t be rude. I’m buying you a drink.” He nodded at the bartender as she handed over a duplicate of the dirty martini already sitting on the table.

“I can buy my own damn drink.” She sounded surly and childish and hated it. You can do better than this. So do it. She watched a trio of girls who couldn’t possibly be twenty-one pass their booth, hips swinging wildly and sending come-fuck-me looks at the man across from her. He didn’t even glance their way, which only aggravated her further. “What do you want, James?”

“You already know the answer to that question.”

“Pretend I don’t.”

Instead of jumping right on that, he snagged his beer and drank deep while he watched her with those unnerving blue eyes. She couldn’t shake the feeling that he saw more than she wanted to reveal.

He shifted, once again drawing her attention to his big thighs. Powerful thighs. Every part of him was built powerfully, like he was a gladiator from ancient times. She had no problem picturing him wielding a sword in an arena somewhere, cutting through his enemies with that same determined look on his face that he wore now. “Word has it that your father is arranging a marriage for you.”

“Gossip is bad for the soul,” she said in her most prim tone, even as her mind raced. She hadn’t expected the news to be kept secret—her father had no reason to hide his intentions for her—but hearing it from a man who was both an enemy and something more was disconcerting, to say the least. She’d only been back in town for three days—either James had an inside man or her father had put together that damn list of his long before she drove back into Boston. “You aren’t thinking of throwing your hat into the ring, are you?”

His gaze sharpened on her face, searching for an answer she wasn’t sure she had. “It would almost be worth seeing the look on his face when I did.”

Her brain caught up to her mouth. Finally. She pressed her lips together, as if that would really do anything to help her maintain control. Control was one thing she’d always prided herself on having—if not over her life, then at least over herself. Being this close to James, even with a table between them, was making it hard to focus. “You wouldn’t dare.”

“Wouldn’t I?”

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