RT 2016 Convention: YA Spooky Slumber Party

We've arrived in Las Vegas and the RT Booklovers' Convention is in full swing! On our agenda for the first official day of con: the YA Spooky Slumber Party! Later tonight, some of our favorite YA authors will break out their best jammies and pad downstairs in their most outrageous slippers to host the ultimate sleepover. Of course, no slumber party is complete without snacks, games and secrets. Before we get started, we thought we'd ask our hosts about their favorite slumber party activities:

Lea Nolan: Gorging on scary movies then playing with a Ouija board until we scared ourselves silly.

Ginger Scott: The always hokey light as a feather, stiff as a board


Scarlett Kol: Never Have I Ever game — and, of course, chocolate-chip pancakes in the morning.

D.M. Marlowe: Piling together in a mass of pillows and blankets to watch movies.

L.H. Nicole: We used to build forts and castles out of books and blankets and "fought dragons."


Katherine Wilburn: Scary movies!

Lisa Brown Roberts: Sneaking out and TP-ing the houses of guys we had crushes on.

Dana Elmendorf: My favorite thing to do at slumber parties is for me and my girlies to pick our favorite song and create a dance routine. Hair brushes are excellent microphones for lip syncing. #ProTip

Alys Arden: We dip-dyed our hair with Kool-Aid, made s'mores and scared each other with the Ouija board. 


Jenna Lincoln: We learned how to make ourselves faint. It was kinda scary and probably unsafe, but very fun!

Rebecca Donovan: Scary movies, boy talk, tons of junk food, way too much giggling, maybe a little lip syncing — and if you were the first to fall asleep, you got your clean underwear frozen.

Sara York: Hot cocoa and marshmallows while sitting outside looking at the stars.

Gayle Parness: Lots of dancing, lip syncing, the scariest movies our moms let us watch, reading romance books out loud, (the moms didn't know about this part) and junk food.


And now it's time for us to hit the hay! We've got a big day ahead tomorrow, so be sure to stop by the RT blog to see what's happening at Convention. Of course, you can also expect to find all of your favorite weekday features including our Hump Day excerpt!