Profiling Love Interests: Cynthia Ruchti's Song Of Silence

SONG OF SILENCE by Cynthia RutchiWe romance fans live for that epic HEA. It's comforting knowing the characters you love will live on to enjoy a happy, love-filled life long after you've reached the last page. But wouldn't it be great to follow the couple's story after they've said "I do"? This is what Cynthia Ruchti set out to accomplish with her novel Song of Silence, available now. Cynthia was kind enough to share some insight into profiling life-long, enduring love:

They met at the door. He’d waited for her all day. When she bent to unload the burden she carried, he caught her mid-bend and kissed her to standing. Kissed a tear away. And another. 

She leaned into his embrace as if it were the first time, with a long-forgotten catch in her throat. Would he lean back? He did. She stayed there, unmoving, until their pulses beat as one.

They’d been married 26 years.

Not your typical romance novel thread. But a reading experience that can offer its share of tension, disappointment, conflict, tough choices, tender resolution and love-for-the-long-haul. 

Novels with older main characters center stage don’t fit the expected profile. But in some ways, they’re “the rest of the story.” And a story worth telling.

That’s the premise I assumed was true when diving into writing Song of Silence—with main characters nearing retirement age. Could I carry off the romantic thread when chewing toward the middle of a long piece of pasta might require removing their bifocals? When sharing a bubble bath would send at least one of them to the chiropractor?

On the page, authors express initial attraction between a woman and man with racing heartbeats and trembling knees, in an infatuation-style of relentless pursuit or sweaty palms and an almost tangible electricity at the first touch. When attraction matures into true love, whether the couple is in their twenties, thirties, or sixties, it’s expressed in self-sacrifice and compassion and tenacity and faithfulness.

“I will lay down my dream and create a new dream with you.”

“I will stay by your side when you face your demons.”

“I will not treat your wounds as if they are nothing.”

“I will not let my wounds scar our tomorrows.”

— From wedding vows in Song of Silence

Those displays of love—oh-so romantic despite the absence of sweaty palms—draw us into the heart of the story no matter the age of the characters.

And leaning into his embrace? Kissing her tears away? Tenderness bears no expiration date.

Love-for-the-long-haul creates a story that writes in cement what young love writes in the sand. Love-for-the-long-haul proves its promises and tests the mettle of its vows.

I will love you when you’re no longer strong.

I will wait for you when you’re in the procedure room having a colonoscopy.

I will stand by you when you forget my name.

Evenings by the fire and long walks on the beach? Still part of romance when the book’s characters are older. Candlelight dinners? Absolutely. And devotion that says, “I not only promised to love and cherish you for a lifetime. I have.”

Song of Silence is available in digital and print. Grab your copy: Amazon | B&N | Kobo | iBooks | All Romance | IndieBound. If you'd like more inspirational reads, be sure to stop by our Everything Inspirational page.