RT 2016 Convention Recap: The GIANT Book Fair

Every enthusiastic reader loves a good book signing, but what happens when you multiply that signing by, say, a million? You wind up with the RT Booklovers' Convention's Giant Book Fair, an event that brings together all of your favorite authors from a wide array of genres — and they're there to meet you! It's overwhelming, we know, but this massive book signing event is truly something that every reader should experience at least once in their life. Won't you take a walk down memory lane with us?

Author Marie Sexton designed a table display certain to stop readers in their tracks!

Author Marie Sexton's table

Meanwhile, Christina Lauren brought all the books, causing readers to fangirl like crazy!

Christina Lauren's GIANT Book Fair TableChristina Lauren at GIANT Book Fair

J. Kenner posed with her latest novel Dirtiest Secret, but don't worry, she had plenty of her old favorites ready to sign as well!

J. Kenner poses with DIRTIEST SECRET

And of course Nalini Singh was in attendance, fresh from accepting her RT Reviewers' Choice Award the night before!

Nalini Singh signs a book for a fan

Jaci Burton signed books as she chatted with readers about her popular Play-by-Play series.

Jaci Burton signs a readers' book

And Danielle Paige signed the third book in her Dorothy Must Die series Yellow Brick War.

Danielle Paige signs YELLOW BRICK WAR

This is just a tiny glimpse inside the magic that is RT's GIANT Book Fair. If you absolutely have to experience this for yourself (and we think you should), keep an eye on the RT Convention website for more information on RT17 in Atlanta. If you'd like to relive more of this year's convention, you can find everything you need here.