EXCERPT: My Fair Lover by Nicole Jordan

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Looking for a romance with a delightfully sexy twist on My Fair Lady? You're in for a treat with Nicole Jordan's latest Legendary Lovers novel, My Fair Lover! Brandon Deverill, a privateer who recently inherited a title, will need polishing if he's to accept his inheritance — so he turns to Lady Katherine Wilde for tutelage. 
But Katherine and Brandon go way back ... years ago she slipped into his bed but was turned away! Feeling spurned, she doesn't realize that Brandon simply didn't want to take advantage of her. She agrees to help him become a model British gentleman in exchange for his protection while she sails to recover lost family treasure, but the chemistry between them is hotter than ever. Brandon may not believe in true love, but the lengths he'll go to in order to protect Katherine show him one simple truth: he can't live without her. 
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He turned to look directly at her. “Did you miss me while I was away in America?”
Kate hesitated, not wanting to confess that her dotage had continued long after Deverill left her. “I couldn’t help but think of you now and then,” she hedged. “Especially whenever I saw the casualty reports in the newspapers. I didn’t want you to be killed.”
“I am flattered.”
“I was thinking of Aunt Bella also. I know how fond she is of you. I would not have wanted her to grieve.”
“Would you have grieved for me?”
“Well, yes.” She would have been devastated if Deverill had died, although confessing that would reveal how much he meant to her. “I did not pine inconsolably after you, if that is what you are implying.”
“But you did miss me a small measure.”
His insistence disconcerted her less than the intimate light in his eyes did. “Why ever would I? You made your feelings very clear that night. You didn’t want me.”
“You are being deliberately obtuse, princess. I told you I was trying to be honorable in not taking your innocence before I sailed away.”
“I suppose it was honorable of you.”
He smiled slightly. “Finally you admit it.”
Shrugging, Kate attempted to regain the upper hand in their conversation. “May we please change the subject? Remembering my abject humiliation all those years ago is not particularly delightful.”
“If it’s any consolation, you are not the first woman to come to my bed uninvited.”
Whether Deverill meant to tease her or reassure 
her, the thought stung. “Oh, I am certain there are legions of females flinging themselves into your bed,” she said tartly.
“Not one I wanted there a fraction as much as 
I wanted you.” His gaze dropped to her mouth. “I still want you, you know.”
And instantly, just like that, the tension between them changed from contentious to something far more intimate and potent.
Kate froze. The light in Deverill’s eyes was a curious mixture of intensity, desire, and challenge — with a hint of tenderness.
Leaning toward her, he raised a finger to her cheek, lightly stroking. Something warm and heavy settled in the pit of her stomach. When his attentive gaze wandered over her face, Kate’s breath tangled in her throat. He was so disturbingly male. All her senses were alert to him, to the hypnotic intensity of his eyes.
Then he moved his thumb in a rotating caress that lingered at the corner of her lip, flooding her raw nerves in a warm bath of sensation.
“Does this trouble you … my touching you?”
“Yes … no.” “Trouble” was not at all the right word. Exhilarate, thrill, inflame —
“Then why is your heartbeat so wild?”
How did he know? Her heart had started racing as heat flared between them.
When Deverill cupped her chin in his hand, as if intending to kiss her, Kate could only stare at his mouth and remember how wonderful it had felt on hers. Her tension increased, as did her longing.
He leaned even closer, his breath warming her lips, igniting sensual sparks in every nerve. Kate fought the urge to melt. It was deeply disconcerting, her instantaneous, wanton response to his touch. Profoundly unsettling, waiting for him to bring his mouth into contact with hers —
Before he could complete the action, she drew back abruptly, breaking the spell with a sharp inhalation. She desperately needed to maintain control, both over Deverill and herself.
“That is close enough, my lord. Now, if you don’t mind, I should like to review these possible candidates for your hand.”
When she took the list from him, Deverill relaxed against the back of the sofa. “I am all ears.”
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