SNEAK PEEK: PassionFlix Delivers what Romance Readers Want

Monthly Edition: 
Years ago movie-addicts used to go to movie-rental shops like Blockbuster weekly to pick up their favorite or much-anticipated VHS tapes. When Netflix burst onto the scene, it was primarily as a mail-in rental service for DVDs. No one could have anticipated just how much the landscape would shift! Now so much media is available at the tap of your keyboard keys — Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime are just a few sources for streaming content. 
But there’s a hole in the industry, one that PassionFlix aims to fill. There are currently no streaming services geared towards women and only a few television channels. The PassionFlix team set out to create a “Netflix for women,” and they plan to launch early 2017, with a soft-launch at the end of 2016. 
PassionFlix is a service that will both distribute and produce romance-content for viewers; anything from favorites like Pride & Prejudice and Fifty Shades of Grey to new content like 10-15 minute shorts for Maya Rodale’s Bad Boy Billionaire series and a feature-length movie based off of Alessandra Torre’s Hollywood Dirt

The team at PassionFlix, made up of screenwriter Joany Kane and award-winning producers Tosca Musk and Jina Panebianco, want to create an experience that caters to romance fans. When you log in to the website, you’ll be asked to answer the question: How do you feel/what do you feel like watching today? Based on your answer PassionFlix will provide options from the steamy to the sweet. And with new content coming from their favorite authors, viewers will feel like PassionFlix is their new BFF! 
Some authors that the team is excited to bring to the big screen include Sylvia Day, Julie Kenner, Rachel Van Dyken and Sherrilyn Kenyon. Authors Julie Kenner, Jill Shalvis and Lexi Blake are all on their wish list, and ours too! With a team that knows exactly what readers want — because they’re readers too! — we’re ready for our subscription! 
Sign up for updates on PassionFlix here at their website, and let us know which romance novel YOU most want to see adapted. 

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