Blake Crouch's New Novel Hits Book Shelves, Kindles and Your Television!

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In Blake Crouch’s latest, Good Behavior (Thomas & Mercer, Nov.), Letty is fresh out of prison and fighting to keep herself afloat. Old habits die hard as Letty returns to her old tricks and begins stealing from suites at a luxury hotel. But while cat burgling, she overhears a hit being taken out … by a husband for his wife! Letty decides to derail the job herself, but in doing so she puts herself in more danger than she bargained for.
TNT’s new show, Good Behavior, launches Tuesday, November 15th, and to celebrate we're also giving away an Amazon e-reader and an e-book copy of Good Behavior! Enter here. Tune in for more high stakes and enjoy our interview with Blake Crouch! 
Despite being considered suspense/thriller, you write science fiction, technology, crime and even western. However, all of your books at their core seem to be about choices. Whether conscious, like the ones ex-con Letty makes about staying clean, sober and out of trouble, or Jason, your hero in Dark Matter (Crown, Aug.), who is forced to confront the road not taken when he wakes up to a different home, different spouse and different life. Why do you think this is a recurring theme in your work?
Wayward Pines is very much about choice, predestination and free will. I think it’s something that has unintentionally worked its way into all of my books, because choices are the things that define us. We’ve all made great — and not so great — choices. The ramifications for each possibility blows open so many story ideas for me.
Letty’s already made the choice off-page to rob the hotel, but when she decides to get involved and save the woman’s life, even though she doesn’t realize it at the time, that choice is going to crash her into the man who is going to completely redefine her.
What inspired you to tell Letty’s story in a series of novellas?
First, I had the idea of someone accidentally intervening in a hit. Then, I wondered what type of character would do that, but not go to the police first. That person would have to have some legal issues of their own … maybe they were doing something illegal when they overheard. That’s when I got the image of her, just out of prison, trapped in a closet in a swanky hotel room. The idea of a woman who has no qualms about robbing a bunch of hotel rooms, but is not okay with a woman being murdered. I liked that moral gray area.
I love Letty; she’s my favorite character, hands down. For her, stealing replaces other forms of bad behavior, like substance abuse. She’s like all of us — trying to figure out what “good behavior” means for her. She fails a lot, but when she does, she ultimately rallies and pushes on.
What’s the coolest thing you’ve gotten to do (or see) as a result of working with Hollywood?
The first time I walked through the interior sets of Wayward Pines in Vancouver. It was the first time I’d ever been on a film set, and they had built the entire town on a sound stage. The sheriff’s office, the woodworks shop, The Excellent Bean (the coffee shop based on the one where I write). I’m up for something topping that experience, but it was the first, and the best so far.
What exciting things can your fans look forward to next?
I’m starting to think about my next book, but Good Behavior premieres both on TNT and in print on November 15th.
Pop your popcorn for TNT’s Good Behavior and pre-order your copy of the book from Amazon.