Tiffany Reisz Enraptures Fans With Her Latest Time-Traveling Romance

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Fans of Tiffany Reisz were recently treated to her Harlequin Blaze series, Men at Work, and last year’s SOE-winning The Bourbon Thief. Coming this April, The Night Mark is hitting bookshelves and fans will be clamoring to get their hands on this addicting time-traveling romance. 
Taking place within the same world as The Bourbon Thief, we follow a woman named Faye Barlow in 2015. She’s still mourning the loss of the love of her life, even though she’s since remarried. But as her second marriage crumbles, Faye isn’t sure what or whom she’s living for. After taking a photography gig in a southern coastal town, Faye discovers a photo of a long-dead lighthouse keeper, who looks uncannily like her dead husband. 
Ready to embark on a time-traveling journey? Of course you are! But first, check out our interview with Tiffany below ... 
Our heroine Faye Barlow is accused of living in the past — at the start of the novel she hasn't watched a movie pre-1950 in four years. What was your interest for early 1900s history like before embarking on this novel?
I’m a coward and can’t stand reading or watching movies about World War I or World War II. But I’ve always had a fascination with the interwar period. That’s the Roaring Twenties, the Great Depression and the Art Deco period all in one. I’m addicted to the TV show Poirot. There’s something really interesting about that period of time. It’s the very beginning of the modern age. People were still riding horses in 1921. There's a lot of change, lot of flux, lot of redefining of women’s roles. It’s ripe with dramatic possibilities. 
Faye is both a widow and a divorcee, and her second marriage dissolved partially because of her inability to move on from her first marriage (among other issues). What was it about her first husband, Will, that makes it so difficult for Faye to move on? 
As Faye says to Father Pat early on in the book, Will loved her more than she deserved to be loved, and there’s no going back to being loved normally once someone loves you that much and that well. It’s like being filthy rich and then suddenly all of your money is gone overnight. Of course, Will would say Faye deserved all that love, but … of course he would. I was writing The Night Mark right after I married someone who loves me more than I secretly think I deserve. I consider this book my homage to the simple joy that comes with being in love with your spouse. 
The Night Mark exists in the same world as The Bourbon Thief. In fact, we return to Bride Island! Did the seed of this story already exist as you were penning The Bourbon Thief?
The Night Mark was an idea I had before The Bourbon Thief. I started writing The Night Mark while doing my copyedits on The Bourbon Thief, so it was a lot of fun to build in some small connections between the books to make readers go “Ah-ha!” 
Faye eventually finds herself in 1921 as Faith Morgan, with a man who resembles her dead husband. Now she's literally living in the past! What inspired this time-traveling romance?
Andrew (my husband) and I were on vacation in Savannah, Ga., where we learned about Florence Martus, a lighthouse keeper’s sister who fell in love with a sailor who shipped out and never returned. She’s a local legend down there and the whole southeastern coast of the U.S. is covered in old lighthouses. Andrew and I even kayaked out to Cockspur Island and climbed inside Florence Martus’s old lighthouse. After that I desperately wanted to write a book set at a lighthouse in the early 20th century. 
You recently wrapped up three steamy holiday-themed novels for Harlequin Blaze. How was the writing process different for The Night Mark?
Since The Night Mark is set in 1921, I went old school while writing it. I wrote the rough draft on my typewriter. I wanted that feeling of writing without a delete key, of putting paper in the roll and replacing the tape and doing hardcopy edits like I was Hemingway or something. It was a lot of fun and I still have that typewritten rough draft in a box in my office. The Night Mark is probably the only book I’ll write on a typewriter, but I loved the experience.
Your side characters are instant charmers: we loved Dolly, Ms. Lizzie, Ty and Father Cahill. Did anyone from your own life inspire any of these characters? 
Ty is every too-cool smart guy I knew in college who could charm your pants off with a smile. Ms. Lizzie has a lot of my own grandmother in her. Dolly isn’t based on anyone specifically, but she and my cousin were both teenage Martha Stewart types who could do all sorts of decorating and craft stuff even at a very young age. And Father Pat is the priest we all wish we had in our parish — kind and understanding with a dry wit and a big heart. I spent some time in Beaufort, S.C., researching the book and everyone in that whole area was charming and personable and great to talk to. 
How about a little taste of what's to come? What can fans look forward to in the future? 
For Original Sinners fans, I’m writing some shorter fiction set in that universe which will be out this year (The Red and Michael’s Wings) and next summer.  
The book I’m currently writing is a story I like to describe as “Madeline L’Engle and V.C. Andrews had a book baby that grew up and moved to Oregon.” A young woman receives a letter out of the blue from the eldest son of the family that almost adopted her when she was a child. The letter invites her to her old home and her old life because the man who could have been her father is now dying. Old loves are rekindled. Old wounds are reopened. And one dark old family secret is brought out into the light with devastating consequences. It’s called The Lucky Ones and it’ll be out in early 2018.
We’re already hooked! Until then, pre-order your copy of The Night Mark from one of these retailers: Amazon | B&N | Kobo | iBooks | Indiebound

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