Running Wild: Nalini Singh Dishes on her Latest Psy/Changeling Anthology

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With 15 additions to her Psy/Changeling series and plenty of novellas, Nalini Singh has long been a fan-favorite, and fans don’t have to wait long to dive back into Singh’s sprawling world. Wild Embrace (Berkley, Sept.) is the latest addition and includes four brand new novellas.
If you’re new to the series, never fear. You can dive right in. But for long-term readers, prepare for additional sweet, steamy and electrifying stories that take place throughout the Psy/Changeling timeline. Here at RT, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on a copy, and we had to ask Nalini herself about her inspiration, writing challenges and, of course, what we can expect in the future.
You’re a very prolific author — is the approach to writing novellas very different than writing a full-length novel? Do you prefer it?
The two are very different. My novels tend to be complex with a large cast and multiple subplots, while my novellas are generally more linear. The reason for the difference, of course, is the length of the story in each case.
I don’t prefer one over the other. Rather, I enjoy the differences, especially how I can tell different types of stories depending on the format, and I love doing both throughout the year.
Tazia has such a touching backstory in Echoes of Silence and it’s incredible to see how she works through it with Stefan at her side. Do you have advice for readers who may have trouble being accepted by their families?
As a storyteller, I know my characters and the history that has shaped them, and I feel confident in telling their stories, but I wouldn’t presume to give real world advice on such an emotional issue. If, however, readers find something in one of my stories that resonates with their own personal circumstances and helps them in some way, that’s a wonderful thing.
Stefan was mentioned in Shield of Winter and his story is finally told. How did Stefan’s story come to you?
Stefan has been haunting me for years! I knew his and Tazia’s story back when he was first mentioned and I’m pretty sure I made notes on it immediately! He was just such a powerful character and yet so enigmatic. I was fascinated.
Just thinking about a changeling who can’t change broke my heart! What do you want readers to take away from Dorian’s story?
I enjoyed exploring both Dorian’s latency and the sea change that occurs later on in his life — I felt we needed a postscript to his book that showed the aftermath of that staggering change. I’m hoping readers feel the same way, and that they’ll enjoy returning to Dorian.
Partners in Persuasion tells the story of a dominant female and a submissive male — an unusual but tantalizing couple! What was your major takeaway from writing this couple?
This was a difficult novella to write in some ways because it’s the first time I’ve ever written a submissive male hero, and I was very aware of making sure I did it right. However, at a certain point, I realized I was overthinking it — so I trusted the hero and heroine and let them run the show. And boy did they take me on a ride!
From a writing perspective, I’m really glad I wrote this story. I think it’s good to stretch myself, to try to do what doesn’t come naturally. And Felix and Dezi are such great characters that not writing their story would’ve been a crime. Fingers crossed readers will love them as much as I do.
You’ve written for a variety of series and genres. What is it about sexy Changelings and the tantalizing Psy that keeps you coming back?
This world is so wonderfully big that there’s always something new to explore, some new political, psychic, or social development. And the characters are like friends and family — I love going back to see what everyone is up to, love exploring the changes in their lives over time.
What do you hope to see in the paranormal romance genre in the future?
I think the genre lends itself to innovation and bold new ideas, and I hope writers will continue to take chances and create extraordinary new worlds.
What can readers expect next?
I have a contemporary release in July — part of my Rock Kiss series. This one’s an emotional story of rock star marriage that imploded … but now these two might have a second chance. It’s both sweet and sexy and I adored writing it.
My next Guild Hunter book, Archangel’s Heart (Berkley), releases in November. It continues the story of Elena and Raphael. Lots of action and mystery and romance! I LOVE going back to these two to see how this once-mortal and her archangel are navigating their relationship in a dangerous and violent world.
And I’ve just started working on the next Psy-Changeling book. I can’t tell you any details about it yet because it takes me a couple of months to get into the characters’ heads and be certain that I’m telling their story as they want it told, but I’ll be sharing more info later in the year.
And we can’t wait to hear about it!
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