Seek the Truth About Sarah in This New Addictive Novel by Reshonda Tate Billingsley

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If you’re looking for an addicting new novel to keep you glued to your seat, look no further than ReShonda Tate Billingsley’s latest, Seeking Sarah. This intense novel follows Brooke, a woman who’s experienced great loss in her life. Her mother died when she was young, her first love passed shortly before their wedding, and now her father is having health complications. But amongst tragedy, Brooke learns a disturbing truth ... her mother may not be dead after all! 
Brooke is determined to learn more about Sarah and her seemingly perfect family. But as Brooke gets closer to her mother’s husband and step-son, Brooke is in danger of crossing a line she may not be able to recover from … Before you hit the pre-order button, read our Q&A with ReShonda to get ready! 
RT: In your afterword you mention the strong relationship you have with your mother, and now you're a mother too. Was it difficult writing about Brooke's absent mother? 
Reshonda: It was hard to relate to Brooke, because I couldn't go around the corner as a kid without my mother checking on me. And as a mother, I can't imagine being away from my children. But that's what made writing about Sarah fascinating. I wanted to delve into the psyche of a mother who could just walk away. 
Seeking Sarah has some intense twists and turns. While we don't want to spoil our eager readers, I was shocked by the ending. Did you know how this novel was going to end when you started out, or did it come to you as you wrote? 
I never know how my books will end. Oh, I write an outline so I can have a roadmap, but my characters will quickly decide to go right, even though my outline said they were supposed to go left. So, yes, this ending just unfolded with the story. 
Brooke finds herself in a difficult situation with her fiancé, Trent. While she feels compelled to seek out her mother, Trent can't understand her actions and doesn't support her. Do you think these two would have butted heads, even if Brooke hadn't learned about her mother? 
At some point, no doubt. Trent was controlling in a way. And his "perfect" family made him incapable (and unwilling) to relate to Brooke's struggle. Since she was the product of a broken home, at some point this issue would've manifested itself. 
Do you have an ideal writing set up or can you write anywhere? 
I have three kids who couldn't care less about me being under deadline. So I've long ago mastered the art of writing anywhere and everywhere. I just make sure I write. 
What do you want to stick with readers after they finish this addicting novel? 
I like to make readers think and reflect. Even if it’s a situation they can't relate to, I want them to look past the surface. No one person is all good or all bad. My goal as a writer is to always look at the motivation behind someone and their actions. 
What’s next for ReShonda Tate Billingsley fans? 
I am always at work! Besides running my own publishing company (Brown Girls Books), working as a newspaper journalist and working on movies, I'm hard at work on my next book, The Book in Room 316
Sounds like it’s time to learn more about Sarah, doesn’t it? Pre-order your copy of Seeking Sarah from one of these retailers: Amazon | B&N | iBooks | Kobo | Indiebound
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