N.K. Jemisin Stops by to Tell Us More About the Broken Earth Series

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If you haven’t heard of N.K. Jemisin’s Broken Earth series, then clearly you’ve been living under a rock — but don’t worry, we’ll help you overturn it. The third and final book, The Stone Sky, hits shelves August 15, 2017, which means it’s nearly time for readers to find out how Essun and Nassun's stories resolve. 
Jemisin is a master worldbuilder, and the first book in the series, The Fifth Season, was the 2016 Hugo Award winner for Best Novel. Book two, The Obelisk Gate, was the winner of the 2016 RT Reviewer’s Choice Award for High Fantasy. This powerful series envisions a world where the earth itself is a leveler of civilizations. Only orogenes can start and stop quakes, but this means they are both necessary and reviled. When Essun’s husband murders her son and kidnaps her daughter — because like her they are orogenes — she will do everything in her substantial power to bring her back. 
The Stone Sky received RT’s highest rating, a Five Star Gold, so we had to touch base with Jemisin to see how it feels to end such an incredible series. 
RT: This August The Stone Sky hits bookshelves! How does it feel to put out this highly anticipated closer to The Broken Earth series?
N.K. Jemisin: It feels like finishing. :) This has been a long, rough journey, and although I'm delighted with the response the books have gotten, I'm ready to move on to something a little lighter for a while. 
RT loves The Broken Earth series. The first two books received RT Top Picks, but the final book has received our highest rating, a 5 Star Gold! Did you feel a lot of pressure while writing this installment?
No. This is one story, stretched across three books, so it really doesn't feel like separate installments to me. Also, at the end of the day I write for myself, and what matters most to me is that the story is what it needs to be — or as close to that as possible. Of course, it's great that other people like it, too!
What are your writing habits like? Do you carve out time for writing, or are you one of those always-writing authors? 
I wish I had time to always-write. Alas, I have to carve out time for writing, especially during times when I've got a new book coming out and need to do promotional stuff. :) When I have my druthers, I write in the mornings or through the early afternoon in an unbroken stretch of hours, with lots of coffee to fuel the push. Sometimes when I'm in crunch mode, I have to write in the evenings too, to make wordcount. Ordinarily I aim for 1500 words per writing session, or 3000 if I'm in crunch mode.
Are you taking a well-deserved break, or are you already working on a new project? Any hints for fans hungry for more?
I did take a break recently; went to Hawai'i for a week — strictly vacation, no volcano-poking allowed. No paid fiction allowed, only fanfic! It was perfect. But now I'm back and back to work on several projects, including my next book series, which will be based on my short story "The City Born Great" from Tor.com. Can't talk about it more than that, yet, alas!
Looks like we have a lot to look forward to … but first, it’s time to dive into the final book in the Broken Earth series! Pre-order from one of these retailers: Amazon | B&NKobo | iBooks | Indiebound
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