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Brenna Anderson is intrigued by a series of paintings of The Siren — more like obsessed! The Siren has been her primary focus throughout her erotic... Read More

The flower shop has been in Quinn Collins' blood since she was born. Her earliest memories consist of her, her sister and her mother dancing around... Read More

Bo Knight has fought for his people and taken major risks in an effort to find a way to protect them from Psy mental aggression. Unfortunately, the... Read More

Being a single mom and a business owner keeps Eden on her toes. Her whiteboard is a masterwork of a balancing act, and there’s no room on it for ro... Read More

Every year the Krael Empire requires each of the villages to send a woman to the capital to be burned alive as tribute in the annual Rites of Sprin... Read More

Stella is used to solving difficult problems, usually with math and computers. She knows that due to her autism she doesn’t do relationships the sa... Read More

The murder of a paralegal just blocks from Kendra’s condo is the first indicator she has of how dangerous the case she is about to be drawn into is... Read More

When Graham, Lord Wharton, encounters a mysterious woman at a ball, he is intrigued because she seems so different from the other women. She resist... Read More

It has been a little over a year since Kate gave birth to her son, Conlan, and thankfully during that time she and her father Roland have been exis... Read More

Twenty-seven-year-old Larkin Lanier knows whoever penned the phrase “you can’t go home again” had her in mind. She’s kept her visits to her dysfunc... Read More

Gin and her foster brother, Finn Lane, are out having a lovely dinner with Finn’s boss, Stuart Mosley, the President of First Trust Bank. Mosley is... Read More

On the surface, Olivia Rutherford appears to be a flamboyant watercolor artist with an avant-garde talent and an up-and-coming career. Behind the m... Read More

Mallory Bright is the locksmith’s daughter. Trained by her father, Mallory learns to pick any lock imaginable. However, it is her grasp of language... Read More

Kiera Young and her two younger sisters have been shipped off from Ireland to the colonies by their half-sister Charlotte’s husband. Believing she... Read More

At the Boardroom club, the focus is on pleasure, and Ryan Burns and his friends are about to meet their next play thing. They plan on blindfolding... Read More

Nicolette Bresson grew up around the de Vincent bayou compound because both her parents worked for the family for years. As a teenager, Nikki had a... Read More

Hacker Samira Desta is a woman on the run trying to stay ahead of those working for the treasonous senator, Tristan Hyland. Journalist Tess Newell... Read More

When the end of a vacation in Spain turns into a nightmare for Fay, she holds it against her husband. She married Judge Paul Agarra when she was in... Read More

Savannah Barrington’s world collapses when she learns that her husband of over twenty years is an adulterer. With her kids away at school, she is f... Read More

Jane is a strange girl with a supernatural awareness, with no greater goal than to become a governess and leave the dreary girls’ school where she... Read More

He may have had a hand in unleashing a hoard of magical tools into the world, but Alex Verus is now committed to helping the Light Council track th... Read More

It’s a big weekend for the Grant family. Their mom’s longtime comic strip about their family is coming to an end, after following the children from... Read More

Struggling art student Jenny Bell is given an opportunity to join a small group of artists for an eight week semester at Louis Comfort Tiffany’s es... Read More

Marnie MacGraw has dedicated herself to a single cause — getting the life she wants, even if that life is predictable and safe. Content with her pa... Read More

After suffering the loss of a son, Delilah and her family head for a fresh start in Pennsylvania. Her neighbor is Emma Mullet, a young Amish woman.... Read More

Diana Cowper, mother to a famous actor, walks into a funeral parlor to plan her own funeral. Six hours later, Diana is found murdered in her home.... Read More

Gabrielle is enjoying a tremendously blessed life in California, save for the death of her mother some years ago. The PR firm she owns with her bes... Read More

Washington D.C. magnate Spencer Jameson and project manager Abby Rowe are forced to work together on a project despite a past that’s complicated, m... Read More

Janet promised her BFF Maya that they would take a girl’s weekend getaway to Vegas. As they are driving off, Gabrielle invites herself along. Janet... Read More

Aloa Snow is a former well-known investigative reporter who made a mistake when her mom was dying in the hospital; now she can not find a job to sa... Read More

Lord Roland Northbridge Wilde is more than ready to wed Miss Diana Belgrave when she suddenly runs off, leaving North with a tarnished reputation a... Read More

Stunned by the revelation that she was in The Program, Tatum is determined to let Wes lead a safe life without her in spite of his desire to discov... Read More

Since the loss of his wife and daughter, Lachlan MacKenzie has kept to the darkness while hiding away in his castle. Then he learns his daughter is... Read More

The summer of 1951 is a turning point for Miranda Schuyler. It is when her mother marries Hugh Fisher and she arrives on Winthrop Island. Isobel Fi... Read More

When he sacrificed himself to save young Daze, Case accepted the risk and knew what he was doing. But that doesn’t mean Holly is good with it. So w... Read More

Shelby’s friend Kelly is getting married at Love Blossom Farm, and Shelby’s fixed up the property for the big day. While the ceremony (mostly) goes... Read More

Cass Raines is a retired Chicago detective who lives with a healthy dose of skepticism. She resigned after she was shot during an operation that in... Read More

Ranch owner Josh Cain is a man with a past. He lives in solitude to battle the demon clawing inside his head. Coming home from the war as a broken... Read More

Rian Sutter and her sister are trying to make their mark in the Hamptons real estate game. Selling homes to gain the money needed to hopefully buy... Read More

After a battle with cancer that convinced her to live life to the fullest, Violet Vasquez is determined that the hockey team she and her sisters in... Read More

Ember Kearney is just back from a nasty job eliminating a goblin that was killing a local farmer’s chickens, when her best friend Angel calls in a... Read More

FBI agent Ali Paige is stunned when her ex-boyfriend (and the father of her daughter), Reeve Landon, calls to tell her he’s been arrested and asks... Read More

King Edward’s daughter, young widow Princess Isabel Plantagenet, is aware that she must comply with her father’s wish that she marry a man of his c... Read More

Ellie James arrives home one night to find her sister and grandmother lying in a pool of blood and her young niece, Lissie, hiding in a closet. Fro... Read More

Bennett Dodge had a plan. Marry Olivia (to fulfill his promise to her dad to take care of her) and give her the babies she wanted. But she dumped h... Read More

The stars of the cult classic TV show Dark Harbor are in attendance at a comic convention when one of them is murdered by someone dressed as a vill... Read More

There is no rest for a new king after battle and loss, but Trevn, thrust into a leadership role he never wanted, is now responsible for more than e... Read More

Grandma Ellen is making a quilt from old family wedding dresses for her soon-to-be-wed granddaughter June. That’s when June arrives with news she i... Read More

Frustrated that he currently can’t ride the shadows, Giovanni is stuck making sure the public and media is focused on him, while other family membe... Read More

In order for Joanna, Dr. John Watson, Jr., and Dr. John Watson, Sr. to start proceeding with their case, they have to sign a document to keep their... Read More