Image of About That Kiss: A Heartbreaker Bay Novel


Image of About That Kiss: A Heartbreaker Bay Novel

The fifth Heartbreaker Bay novel is trademark Shalvis with its humor, sizzle and heart. Joe Malone is a hot, sexy alpha male, and watching him fall hard into love is pure pleasure. Frankly, watching him just lean against a doorway is pure pleasure, but that’s digressing … For her part, Kylie Masters is no shrinking violet, so sparks ignite when these two are in close proximity! And then some. As always, the romance is the perfect blend of emotion and desire. The suspense is true to form for Shalvis; just enough to keep the tension steady, but the nature of the crime (and subsequent contact) is very quirky.

Kylie Masters and Joe Malone shared a hot kiss in a dark alley, a kiss that neither of them can stop thinking about. But they both know it won't lead to anything further — Joe doesn’t do commitment and Kylie doesn’t want to end up like her mom. But when a figurine that Kylie cherishes most is stolen, she turns to Joe to help her get it back. Tracking down a missing penguin statue isn’t exactly high on Joe’s priority list, but he can’t resist Kylie. His normally unwavering focus on his job has taken a severe hit after the kiss, and being around her only makes the distraction worse. Another kiss might help. But why stop with just one?  (AVON, Feb., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Carrie Townsend