Image of After Hours (The Boardroom Book 1)


Image of After Hours (The Boardroom Book 1)

Lynda Aicher does not disappoint with the first book in her new Boardroom series! The sex scenes are enough to make any reader shiver with desire as they are rich in visuals and tap into all five senses. The story has an amazing flow, and readers will be hard pressed to take a break. There are seamless transitions from one chapter to the next and each major question is answered by the end. Future books will hopefully deal with a few underlying subplots that were left unresolved.

After staying at the office late one night, assistant Avery Fasty accidentally happens upon some people having sex. This quickly introduces her to to The Boardroom, a group of sexually free businessmen. Once he sees how turned on Avery gets, coworker Carson Haggert, one of The Boardroom's founders, offers to help her explore and tap into her own sexual freedom. He acts as her guide through different Boardroom scenarios and eventually becomes her lover. Avery struggles to fully embrace her proclivity for voyeurism while Carson fears Avery will make him feel things he's purposely kept at bay. (CARINA PRESS, Jan., 320 pp., $8.99)

Reviewed by: 
B. Nakia Garner