Image of Afterparty


Image of Afterparty

Gregory’s worldbuilding is top-notch; he smoothly constructs a near-future world that’s both queasily and wonderfully plausible, where all you need to get most things done is a smart pen — but people are still loving, killing, breaking the law and looking for meaning, whether in God, the bottom of a cup, the patterns of information around them or other people. Afterparty is a story with hefty implications but Gregory wisely keeps the focus tightly on Lyda and her friends and ex-friends, giving the story as much emotional as conceptual impact.

Years ago, Lyda Rose and her friends invented Numinous, a drug that makes the user feel the presence of God. Unfortunately it also left some of them insane and one of them dead, so when someone starts making and distributing Numinous, Lyda feels obligated to stop them. Her best chance of finding the truth is with the help of her paranoid ex-intelligence officer sort-of girlfriend, freshly escaped from the same hospital Lyda’s been living in, and Dr. Gloria, who is either an angel of the Lord or a drug-induced hallucination — or maybe both. (TOR, Apr., 304 pp., $26.99)

Reviewed by: 
Ian Mathers